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Coolmax - Proudly Made in the USA

No description

Pascale Adrien

on 19 June 2013

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Transcript of Coolmax - Proudly Made in the USA

North Carolina
Current rates: Unemployment 12 %
Poverty 21%
ESTIMATED NEW JOBS CREATED : 120 direct jobs + indirect jobs in the community
COOLMAX® fiber technology actively draws moisture away from the skin surface, dispersing it so that it can evaporate rapidly, thus keeping you feeling cool and dry.

Packaging and
displays will be
domestically from all recyclable components
Export of
US made goods
to Walmart Canada and Mexico
The current brand matrix offers a unique opportunity for a new shocking value proposition
New Program Performance
Made in USA
Positive economic impact
A. Launched in October 2012 in premium liners and
athletic in 1,168 stores

B. Dollars per linear foot have accelerated from
$35.60 in Dec.2012 to $46.36 over the last 4 weeks

C. Average weekly sales have increased from Dec
2012 $85k to $108k over the last 4 weeks

D. Door count expanded in Fall 2013 from to 2,646 stores
These brands will positively compliment and improve Walmart's current product assortment.
New Program Performance
A. Launched in October 2012 in 1,364 stores

B. Dollars per linear foot are averaging $38.45

C. Boy's Quarter is a top ten performing sku across
all of our product lines in Walmart
New Program Performance
A. Launched new 4 pack Value Packs, April 2013 in
3288 stores

B. Dollars per linear foot in the first 4 weeks of sales are averaging 45.97$

C. Average weekly sales of over $75k on 1 column of product
Made in the USA
(distributed in USA)

1. Walmart’s assistance and cooperation with NC Governor Pat McCrory
Office and Federal Government in order to facilitate plant reopening.

2. First Phase of this initiative to launch in-store for Fall 2014:
6 pack program as presented :
6 columns in top 2,000 stores
3 columns in the next 1,700 stores

3. Walmart multi-year commitment to the above programs

4. Walmart assistance for EDLC savings by arranging direct pick-up as
relevant in Mexico

5. Assistance in obtaining state and federal employment and tax
Going Forward
What we would ask in order to make this happen :
Walmart Market Audit of Branded 6 packs
American Brands
for America's Families
Richelieu Programs
“Made in the USA” make sense
1. Product Made in the USA brings a new shocking value to the US consumer
2. 75 year heritage of American brands
3. All content sourced in the America
4. Foreign investment to the America
5. Exporting product from the USA to Walmart Canada
and Walmart Mexico

Proudly Made in the USA (distributed in Canada)
Proudly Made in the USA (distributed in Mexico)
Reasons and the challenge of USA vs. China production
- Bullet point # 1
- Bullet point # 2
- Bullet point # 3
- Bullet point # 4
- Bullet point # 5
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