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Copy of Prepositions

Prepositions- Schuler

Dania Schuler

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Prepositions

Prepositions What relationships can we create between the mouse and the house? beneath above by beyond around words or phrases that show relationships between nouns or pronouns and another word in the sentence. Time
(before, during) The cat hid under the couch. 1. 2. An alligator swam the cool river. in 3. A spider crawled the girl's foot. across 4. The dog ran the neighbor's car. behind Examples of Prepostions 1. The concert was cancelled rainy weather. due to 2. He played football with his brother going out 3. the teacher, she passed all of her classes. According to 4. In the event of an emergency, please head towards the nearest exit. with his friends. Examples of Compund Prepostions Simple Prepostions about above across after within from off through beneath until except on beyond between under toward Compound Prepositions according to instead of along with insofar as because of apart of regardless of prior to except for due to contrary to With regard to by means of instead of In or at? Use with spaces in Use with places at From or than? Different from Among or between? with more than two Among Between when only two In or into? Into = action In = condition Direction
(to, down) Location
(by, near) behind across through down up The mouse ran to the house. in on to at below beside from inside into off over toward under underneath The mouse ran___ the house. Prepsitional Phrases Starts with a preposition
Ends with a noun or pronoun The mouse ran in the house. preposition= in
object of prepositional phrase= house
prepositional phrase= in the house Practice: In each sentence circle the preposition and underline the entire prepositional phrase.

1. Many early jazz bands played in New Orleans.

2. In New Orleans, jazz was often played at funerals.

3. Many musical styles contributed to its birth. 1. prep= in
prep phrase= in New Orleans 2. prep= in
prep phrase= in New Orleans

prep= at
prep phrase= at funerals 3. prep= to
prep phrase= to its birth
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