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What is Futsal?

Nahit Sorgüven

on 3 January 2014

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Transcript of FUTSAL

What is futsal?
Futsal is a variant of association football that is played on a smaller pitch and mainly played indoors.
History of Futsal
It's Futsal not Football
Current Ranking Team Points
49 Turkey 1009
5+7 players for each team
That means, 5 players on the pitch and maximum 7 substitutes
In a futsal match there is 3+1 referees
That means, first referee, second referee, third referee and timekeeper
Futsal is a way for Football
1 Spain 1975
2 Brazil 1946
3 Italy 1757
4 Russia 1725
5 Portugal 1616
6 Iran 1589
7 Argentina 1586
8 Ukraine 1468
9 Paraguay 1407
10 Japan 1396
11 Romania 1377
12 Colombia 1372
13 Thailand 1349
13 Azerbaijan 1349
15 Slovenia 1339
16 Croatia 1336
17 Czech Republic 1328
18 Serbia 1300
19 Guatemala 1255
20 Uzbekistan 1248
First half: 20 minutes
Half time: 15 minutes
Second half: 20 minutes
Thank you!
Uruguay, Montevideo
F U T e b o l
S A L ı
Length: 38m - 42m
Width: 18m - 25m
The Pitch
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