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No description

Abby Schwarz

on 11 February 2014

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Transcript of DNA

Scientists use DNA to figure out how things work. For example is how animals and plants develop and grow or why some cells are different then others. They even use DNA to find out how our brains work.
What do you think? Do you think figuring out what diseases we can get is good or bad. It can help us by giving us a chance to prevent these diseases. On the other hand, would you really want to know? would it worry you? What do you think?
How do Scientists use DNA
What do you
know about
DNA and Genes?

What is DNA?
DNA is............. a molecule that contains all our
genetic information. All living things have DNA.

What can we do with
our genetic Information
With our genetic information, we can figure out our genetic code! With this information
we could be able to see what kind of diseases we are most likely to get. This can help people prevent these diseases before they occur.
What do we use DNA for?
What is a gene?
We use DNA in.............
Disease Diagnosis
what can we learn from Genes
With the knowledge of our Genes we can figure out what kind of diseases we are prone too, or have a chance of getting in our older age. Also sometime in the future pregnant women will be able to figure out their babies genetic code before it is born
and give it certain traits. They can make them athletic, smart, tall, short , or ect.
What Do You think?
Date- 1/29
Video by: Stated Clearly
Last Updated: 1/29

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