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Popular Sports in Spanish Speaking Countries

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Anna Olson

on 9 October 2014

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Transcript of Popular Sports in Spanish Speaking Countries

Popular Sports in Spanish Speaking Countries
Futból is one of the most popular sports in Uruguay.
Table tennis is one of the most popular sports in Colombia.

Bull Fighting is one of the most popular sports in Spain.
Boxing is one of the most popular sports in Mexico
Who Participates?
Who participates:
Who participates:
Who Participates:
Cricket is one of the most popular sport in the Dominican Republic.
Who Participates:
Dominican Republic:
A futból uniform consists of a jersey, shorts, shin guards, socks, and cleats.
The game of futból is split into two forty-five minute halves.
Only a maximum of three substitutions are allowed per game.
Players may not wear jewelry while playing
Players will be penalized for fouls, rewarding the other team with a free kick.
Penalty Kicks:
Penalty kicks are awarded to the opposing team when a player fouls in his own penalty area.
The player awarded the penalty kick will then get to take an open shot on goal.
The fans come to cheer on their futból team. They wear the colors of their team to show their support.
Those who would like to join the futból team must try out to get a spot.
Eleven players are allowed out on the field.
Fans also bring an air of excitement to the stadium, as they cheer on their team.
Mexico's first international game was in 1927.
They won 3-2 over Guatemala.
Mexico, up until 1970, only won one World Cup match.
In 1970, Mexico hosted the World Cup.
Mexico has never won the World Cup, and has only made it to the quarter finals.
Futból positions:
The futból field is 120 yards long.
There are several positions:
Goal Keeper
There are three referees out on the futból field.
Futból can be played indoors, so it can be played all year round.
There are eleven people on the field at once.
You have to be chosen to be on the team.
There is tryouts that you must do in order to be on the team.

Cricket Match
Umpires' rulings are final.
Game duration is negotiated.
Professional-level cricket matches are limited duration games.
Batsman do not have to run.
Boundary fence hit, equals four runs.
Time wasted is penalized.
Field placement is optional.
It is believed that cricket started all the way back in the 13th century.
Cricket first became popular in England in the 17th century.
Immigrants from England brought cricket to the Dominican Republic in the late 19th century.
There games can run to up to six hours or more.
Some of there games can last three to five days.
One example of there scores are, if you score 100 runs and lose three wickets then your score is a hundred for three.
Cricket can be played all year round.
Works Cited:
There are no shots below the belt allowed.
You cannot hit your opponent in the back.
If the opponent is knocked down, then he has ten seconds to stand up or it is considered a knock out.
Only the referee can stop the round, unless the bell is sounded.
Amateur boxing started in 1918, when the mariners would set up make-shift rings.
In 1921, the Mexican boxing commission was formed.
In 1932, the first Olympic medal in boxing was won for Mexico by Francisco Cabañas Pardo.
You must be 18 or older to run in this race.
There is no climbing on or over the fences.
Do not hide in any type of corner, dead end, or doorway, before the bulls are released.
If you are drunk, drugged or a danger to anyone, in any kind of way you will not be able to enter and run the race.
You will get removed and miss all, if intoxicated.
Do not carry anything or take any kind of picture.
Do not mistreat any animal.
Follow all direction, it will be better if you know spanish to understand, if not follow the others.
Anyone 18 or older is able to participate in this event.
Participants must where appropriate clothing, including costume and footwear.
This is a picture of the participants with their appropriate clothing, running from the bulls.
This takes place on July 7th to the 14th.
As soon as the clock strikes 8:00 in the morning.
You start right after two rockets are launched.
The bulls will charge for 825 meters.
The run will take 3 to 4 minutes although it does depend if the bull goes of the route, which would cause more to ten minutes.
There is then a 3rd rocket saying the bulls have entered the bull ring.
The fourth and final rocket is telling people that the bull have safely entered there corral and the bull run has ended.

Bull fighting started in 2000 B.C.
This festival used to be a small gathering, but over the years it has been a gathering of people all around the world.
The first bull run was in a war on July 21, 1861.
McDowell and his army surprised everyone, the union counted 2,800 including 460 deaths.
The confederates with 1,900 with nearly 400 dead
Two people are allowed in the ring at one time to fight against their opponent.
Francisco Cabañas Pardo
Cricket Umpire
The 12th man
Though only eleven players are allowed on the field at one time, there is one more player that acts as a substitute, known as the 12th man.
13th Century Cricket
Some say that cricket started as far back as the 13th century.
Bull Fight
This is the first signs of bullfighting, dated around 2000 B.C.
Ancient Bullfighting:
The ball must bounce on the table to be considered in.
Each player serves twice in a row.
The game goes to eleven points.
The ball must be 40mm in diameter.
Let Serve:
A let serve is when the server serves the ball into the net and the ball bounces in on the other side. The server will then replay the point.
Table tennis can be played singles or doubles.
There is one player on each side of the table.
There are two players on each side of the table.
Table tennis started in England in the 19th century.
It was first called "Whif whaf," "gossamer," and "flim flam".
In the 1920's it was named table tennis.
19th Century Table Tennis:
Table tennis started in the 19th century with balls of string and lids of empty cigar boxes for rackets.
To win a table tennis match you have to win 3 out of 5 games.
Table tennis can be played all year round, because it is played indoors.
There are umpires to decide who gets the point.
Table Tennis Umpire:
Knock out:
A knock out is when one opponent does not get up in the count of ten seconds.
Boxing is an all year round sport.
Each round is three minutes long.
There are 13 rounds in a boxing match.
Boxing Gloves:
Opponents must wear boxing gloves while competing.
Table Tennis Match
Boxing Match:
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