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Mayor's Healthy Hometown Movement (MHHM): Food in Neighborhoods Comittee

Britt Ridge

on 14 November 2010

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Transcript of FiN

Mayor's Healthy Hometown Movement (MHHM): Food in Neighborhoods Comittee
Brittney Ridge
Consumer Demand for Food = $3 billion
West End:
37% report having high blood pressure
12% report having diabetes
74% report being overweight or obese
Lifestyle and behavioral risk alone cannot explain these statistics HEALTHY FOOD ACCESS:
Community Farm Alliance (CFA)

1 full service grocery store per 25,000 residents


1 full service grocery store pre 12,500 residents


17 Farmers Markets
4 Accept EBT
1 Accepts WIC

Farmer Market Concerns:
Resale grocery produce
The "ORGANIC" label
Advertise famers POLICY
Menu Labeling

Restaurant chains with
20 or more outlet

When? FDA

Panera Bread is the first
to list calories on menu

Trans Fat
Ordinance 211 (recommended from FiN)- recommends ban on trans fats in food service locations
Buy Local
Fin collaboration: mandate the 10% of all food purchases be from Kentucky-agriculture establishments
HD already outlining protcol Corner Stores
New project-2009
Increase the access of fresh, healthy produce
Participating stores are provided financial and technical support from CHE

Study by UofL's MPH students:Dollar Plus
34 participants
97% reported purchasing more vegetables
94% reported purchasing more fruit Partnership
YMCA, Metro United Way, Community Farm Alliance, Louisville Metro Economic Development Department, Louisville Metro Department of Public Health & Wellness, Jefferson County Cooperative Extension Office, Center for Health Equity, Dare to Care, Breaking New Grounds, Farm-to-Fork Catering, Natural Awakenings, Junior League of Louisville, Rainbow Blossom, Kentucky Harvest, Earth’s Promise Farm, Louisville Farmers’ Market Association, University of Louisville, and Real Food Watch Club plus more
WOW!!!! FiN's Background:
Formed under the Mayor's Healthy Hometown Movement as Food Sercurity Task Force
Comprised of government/non-government organizations, health advocates, officals and farmers Participants
Key Stakeholders:
Mike Bramer (YMCA) leads meetings
Marigny Bostock (MHHM) great resource
Josh Jennings (CHE) main authors on "The State of Food" report
Melissa Schreck (UofL) coordinator for farmers markets (COOL) Corridors of Opportunity in Louisville
Headed by Economic Development Department
To enhance the quality of life in neighborhoods by
developing quality shopping and service oppurtunities
Development incentives = increases availability of fresh food. Emergency Food System
Dare to Care
13 million pounds of food disperesed to 192,000 Louisville residents
Of these clients 41% report having to choose between paying rent or purchasing food... 38% OF ALL CLIENTS ARE CHILDREN!!!
Kentucky Harvest
Food resue organization with over 500 volunteers

Very successful programs but
WHAT DOES IT SAY MORE ABOUT OUR FAILING FOOD SYSTEM?? “The mere presence of supermarkets in a community is directly associated with a lower prevalence of obesity.” -American Journal of Preventative Medicine FiN’s Mission:
Is to advocate for access to local, healthy foods for all Louisville Metro residents through community engagement, evaluation, and economic development.
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