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Air Pollution Assignment

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Jack Scandolera

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Air Pollution Assignment

Air Pollution Primary pollutants, secondary pollutants
& 3 human causes of air pollution Primary air pollutants are released from a source that is released into the air in a harmful form where as secondary pollutants are produced by two or more primary pollutants. Carbon Monoxide:
A colorless, odorless, toxic flammable formed by incomplete substitution of carbon. Carbon monoxide effects humans by stopping the oxygen running through the body.
Ground level ozone:
Ozone is a constitute of the troposphere.
A heavy, bluish-grey, soft, ductile metal that is poisonous. If eaten it can kill someone.
Nitrogen dioxide:
A reddish-brown poisonous gas used in the manufacture of nitric acid. Nitrogen dioxide effects the lungs.
Particulate Matter:
A small discrete mass of solid or liquid matter that it remains individually dispersed in gas or liquid
Sulfur Dioxide:
A colorless pungent toxic gas formed by burning sulfur in the air. Sulfur dioxide effects the windpipe that makes air travel to the lungs. What is the effect air pollution has on the environment. Air pollution effects the environment like:
- If sulfur dioxide reaches water in clouds the rain turns into acid rain
- Nitrogen effects water which harms the soil and water which affects plant growth and drinking water.
- Long term effects with particulate matter can cause lung cancer, heart disease, and damage to the brain, kidneys, liver and nerves. And it can effect unborn children. What has the government done to stop air pollution and what else they should do The government has done these following things:
- Improving fuel quality
- Carbon tax
- Reducing vehicles and industrial emissions
- Reducing dust emissions from mining areas
- Making more efficient wood heaters and providing educational materials for their correct operation How we make air pollution and how we can prevent it How we make air pollution:
- Using electricity
- Driving/ using vehicles
- Wood burning
- Animals
Ways we can stop it:
- Walk or use a bike
- Saving electricity
- Take public transport or carpool Here are 3 human causes of air pollution

1) Burning fossil fuels
2) Industrial
3) Cars Definitions and effects for different types of air pollution
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