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Challenges to learning environments

Summary of the 3 aspects of effective learning environments and 21st century challenges to them.

Veronica Ranyard

on 25 April 2012

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Transcript of Challenges to learning environments

An Effective Learning Environment Social /Emotional Intellectual Physical Emotional Intelligence
Restorative practice
Positive Relationships
Effective Class Management
Valuing Individuality
Developing self worth
Co-operative learning
"Personal Best" and effort acknowledged
Routines and organisational aspects consistent and known to all.
Calm teacher, calm class
Appropriate content
Appropriate pedagogy
Concrete, co-operative
Appropriate resources

.... in order to achieve
a differentiated &
inclusive education
Child friendly environment
Well resourced
Good facilities
Appropriate class sizes
Good outdoor areas
Good lighting, heating, space etc. Engaging students who are used to highly engaging activities elsewhere
"Today's kids are not ADD, they're EoE. Engage me or Enrage me." K. Leland
Trying to align teaching practice with modern learning theory, system, society, parent expectations etc. Preparing children to thrive in a world in which they will:
change jobs often
constantly re- train themselves
need to be flexible
need to respond positively and effectively to change
need to be discriminating consumers in a digital world
http://prezi.com/_8lan9rbqbea/edit/#28 Effective Learning Environments Challenges
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