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Technology- Graphics

No description

Naomi Ambarita

on 14 September 2012

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Transcript of Technology- Graphics

BY: Naomi Ambarita Technology: Graphics Design Brief Task 1
1. Design a logo for our own clothing rage.
Then we are going to print it in paper and on fabric.
2. Design a swing creative tag label of our design to put on our clothes.
Task 2
create a media folio on prezi detailing our design process. Time
Knowledge on the computer
Events such as house day, lessons, band camp, etc
Broken computer
Not catching up fast enough Design Limitations Criteria for Success Its smaller than an A4 sheet of paper
right size for the swing tag
suitable for the clothing line
suitable for age
logo fits on the swing tag (correct size) Business names: Thinking catching feelings
bow tie
not applicable Final name: not applicable P: It's simple and creative
m: not a lot of people will get that the A is ON the N
I: the A is on the N and the business name is on the logo too P: it's not difficult to remember because it's simple
M: it's not creative and boring. The N is boxy but the A is curvy.
I: the N and the A has different structures. one is boxy and the other one is flowy and elegant like. 5 logo designs P: The NA is clear and easy to read.
M: the "not applicable" title isn't written anywhere in the logo.
I: the N is linked to the A and it makes sense, P: the title is the logo
M: it's messy and not creative. it also doesn't link to the clothing wear.
I: it's all joined up so the pen didn't leave the page. P: it's simple and easy to make on illustrator.
M: it's too simple and there's no point of the slash in the middle of the letters
I: the slash in the middle separates the two letters 5 swing tag designs P: it's simple like a normal swing tag.
M: it's not creative enough
I: the logo suits the shape. P: the bar code suits the size of the swing tag.
M: the logo has limited space inside he swing tag.
i: the shape of the swing tag is creative and suits the idea of the clothing line. P: the logo suits the shape
M: the roundy shapes doesnt suit the boxy body
I: it looks creative and suits the logo and the bar code. P: the logo and bar code suits the shape
M: it's a common shape for a swing tag.
I: the bar code is on the side of the swing tag. P: the bar code suits to be in the middle of the circle and the logo too.
M: it's commonly used and not creative enough.
I: the logo can go diagonal and catch the shopper's eyes. time management plan Investigating P: M stands for McDonalds and it makes sense.
M: the "M" looks simple.
I: the saying is at the bottom of the logo P: the abbreviation and the name of the company is on the logo.
M: don't understand what the 31 in the middle is for.
I: the abbreviation is in capitals p: the logo is a picture if a face
M: it only has one eye and it doesnt make sense'
I: LG is in the logo/face. P: it looks cute
M: the idea of a name "goodduck" don't make sense to me
I: the G for Good is in a shape of a duck so it matches the name P: Artistic is changed to Airtistic which is very smart.
M: the air is coloured orange. they should've just let it the same colour all the way through to get the thinking.
I: The picture is a parachute in a shape of a pencil. I found it chanlleging and it took a lot of time. I did get off track because I had exams and assignments due. I did most of them at home. I did the design brief, design limitation and time management in class and the rest at home. I would do another design if i had more time because my logo now is plain. Best feature of my design is how it's the N and the A is connected. I like this feature because it looks cool and more appealing. Something difficult is working on the prezi at home and something I found easy is working on illustrator because i enjoy doing it. Evaluation
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