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Shailesh Kumar

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Controlling Organizing Directing Planning The Product Product . Introduction:

* Cadbury Ltd was founded in 1824 by John Cadbury in Birmingham.

* Cadbury is a British confectionery company owned by Mondelēz International
Inc. and is the industry's second-largest globally

* Cadbury entered India in 1948 by importing chocolates.

* Cadbury is into many businesses like chocolates, confectionaries, milk
products and candies.

* They annual revenue is approximately $50 billion.

* They have many manufacturing units in India.

* The company was known as Cadbury Schweppes plc from 1969–2008 until its
1865 – Cadbury Cocoa Essence
1875 – Cadbury Easter Eggs
1897 – Cadbury Milk Chocolate
1905 – Cadbury Dairy Milk
1908 – Cadbury Bournville Chocolate
1915 – Cadbury Milk Tray
1920 – Cadbury Flake
1923 – Cadbury Crème Eggs
1929 – Cadbury Crunchie
1938 – Cadbury Roses
1948 – Cadbury Fudge
1968 – Cadbury Picnic
1960 – Cadbury Buttons
1970 – Cadbury Curly Wurly
1983 – Cadbury Wispa
1985 – Cadbury Boost
1987 – Cadbury Twirl
1992 – Cadbury Timeout
1996 – Cadbury Fuse
2001 – Cadbury Brunchbar, Dream & SnowFlake Cycle Resources Cadbury Cadbury Product Timeline
Cadbury was the first company to include pictures instead of printed text on chocolate boxes.

George Cadbury didn’t want to take mothers away from their children, so he developed a company rule that women had to leave work when they got married. Each married woman was given a bible and a carnation as wedding gifts.

In 1886 Cadbury became one of the first firms to have dining rooms with kitchens and food for sale.

Cadbury’s World Visitor Center opened in 1990, welcoming 400,000 visitors in its first year.

Cadbury launched a Get Active program in 2003, helping 10,000 teachers get in shape. Interesting Facts about Cadbury Corporate Culture:

Cadbury is having fantastic HR team where they can handle all the issues of the company.

But now the corporate culture of Cadbury is coming down and they are thinking of giving responsibility for Kraft.

But the financial director of Cadbury is not at all compromising in giving them rights, because he says “if Kraft has taken the rights, company’s corporate culture is be swallowed”. Cadbury’s Organizational culture:

Participation of all the employees and management in work is the main thing for any organization and they are maintaining it.

They have a nature of helping others. They will work together in their work and they will work as a team to complete the given task.

Performance and effectiveness is their main strength. They will maintain good relationship with their employees and management is responsible for that.

The management will create family atmosphere at work place for their employees to do work. They will create a passion in work for the employees.

They will sense the value of work and they will think of company’s growth in all aspects. Aims of Reward and Benefit system:

Cadbury is trying to increase their brand name, as many competitors are trying to bring down the Cadbury’s brand name.

They want to increase their profits and margins.
Company wants to increase their units and offices throughout the world.

They want to give employees best profits and advantages Intended target groups of Reward and Benefit system:

* Rewards and Recognition
* Competitive Basic salary
* Joining Bonus
* Pension scheme
* Share save
* Share incentive Plan and many more.

•Cadbury in every pocket
•Superior shareholder value.
•Broadening our consumer appeal
and extending our reach to
newer markets.
•Sustained growth of our
market share through
aggressive product development.

•Striving for international quality in our
products and processes.
•Focusing on cost competitiveness, productivity 
and innovative utilization of assets.
•Energizing and developing our people. Our Vision
Focus areas for growth
* Focus on maintaining dominance on Chocolate
Confy market and leadership in Brown Drinks.
* Optimum utilization of distribution network and reach new
growth drivers in new Choc consumer segments like
Gifting,Child connectivity, low end VFM and new channels.
  New channels & Institutional sales
* Grow sales volume around 10% p.a. (avg) over next 3 years..
* We Focus on
$ Impulse snacking
$ Child connectivity
$ Gifting
$ Further improve quality of products.
* Introduce technologically differentiated value added sugar
* Focus on quality and packaging
* Regular introduction of variants.
* Launch of one new major product every year. OVERALL FUTURE STRATEGY
* Increase share in impulse category
* Introduce new product offerings to grow
overall business.
* Enhance Chocolate Confectionery
products offer to drive growths in wider
consumer segments.
* Introduce differentiated value added
Sugar Confectionery products.
* Enhance share in Food Drinks market.
* High focus on Economic Profit
* To evaluate Company and Brands
performance Plans for Near Term Future
* Extend positioning of 'taste and energy' to adults
* Continue programs for associations with kids.
* Increase association with kids through website 'bournvita.com'
1. Games
2. Education and information.

* In house projects teams of senior managers have been working
closely with CS Group
and some well known consultants to

1.Identify new growth opportunities
2.Improve manufacturing costs and supply chain processes.
3.Effectively use of information technology Some recent business improvement projects Reaching one step up * Company wants to source all the cocoa for its Indian
products from withinthe country.
* The company has plans to increase acreage for cocoa
* The increase in acreage will involve a tripling of
investments in contract farmingand in five years it
wants to source cocoa for domestic production
entirely from India. FUTURE PLANS OF CADBURY INDIA Leadership

In 1905, We launched our Dairy Milk bar, with a higher proportion of milk than previous
chocolate bars, and it became the company's best selling product by 1913.

* We created motivation non financially by building a model village for the workers
* More than 2,000 of our male employees joined the Armed Forces and to support the
war effort during
the World war, we provided clothing, books and chocolate to soldiers.
* Cadbury’s Ghana Well programme

We have built wells to help improve the lives of the Ghanaian cocoa farming community(Social Responsibility) .

Controlling :
.To establish standards we educate our employee through community education programme . Thank You
Type : Subsidiary of Mondelz International Industry

Confectionery Founded : Birmingham, United Kingdom (1824)

Headquarters : Uxbridge, London, United Kingdom

Revenue : £5,384 million (2008)

Operating income : £388 million (2008)

Net income : £364 million (2008)

Employees : 71,657 (2008)[1]

Parent : Kraft Foods (2010-2012)

Mondelz International (2012-present)

Website : Cadbury.co.uk
Some Statistics of Our company
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