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Numbering all the bones

No description

Aly Crup

on 19 May 2014

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Transcript of Numbering all the bones

Eulinda's brother was in the war
Numbering all the bones
by Ann Rinaldi
Mr. Hampton does not treat her like a daughter but, he treats her well for being a slave
Eulinda is a young slave for mr. Hampton
Numbering all the bones by Ann Rinaldi
Eulinda's other brother was sold and her mother died
Neddy has a ring to give to Eulinda when he gets back
A prison guard took Eulinda's dog but Mr. Hampton got it back for her
Eulinda was told that Neddy was in the prison
They went to get Neddy but he has died
The war has ended and the slaves are free
Eulinda went to work with Clara Barton at the prison
While they are working one day they find Neddy's grave and Eulinda takes the ring
Clara and Eulinda go to washington
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