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No description

Spencer Austin

on 16 March 2013

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Transcript of WE ARE RHINO

What would YOU say to a
rhino poacher?

That's the question we asked the people.

This film is their answer. TONE Emotive, thought provoking
Intimate look at how poaching impacts
Not journalistic / stats and gory images
Info woven into dialogue NARRATIVE
DEVICES 10 minute film - AUDIENCE: CONTRIBUTORS speaking down the lens.
Or gliding camera moves across their eyeline
Puts the viewer 'in the firing line'
Amplifying the emotion, making the message more intimate. STORY ARC - starting with an orphaned baby rhino, ending with a fully grown, rehabilitated orphaned rhino, via the pictures of poaching painted by contributors. Film festival circuit Pandas – Newcomer award (2014), RTS Postgraduate factual (2013)
American conservation film festival – student film category (2013)
Big Sky Film Festival (2014)
Environmental Film Festival (DC) (2104)
International Wildlife Film Festival (Student category, 2014)
Jackson Hole (Newcomer category) (2014)
Japan Wildlife Film Festival (Best Nature and People category) (2013)
Madeira Film Festival (SHORT category) (2014)
Matsalu International Nature Film Festival (Estonia, Man and Nature category) (2014) 'LEGACY' After film festivals, hand over to
anti-poaching organisations to use for awareness campaigns on the web.
(shorter, impacting cuts for the web) VOICEOVER possibly talking from a rhino's point of view (to be tested) CONTRIBUTORS - various backgrounds and viewpoints.
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