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Gym project

Mikayla Admas

on 7 January 2013

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Transcript of Softball

By: Mikayla Bocskey & Hannah Adams Softball History - Softball was developed as a younger
version of baseball.

- Softball was started by elements of
other sports such as boxing, boating and
- Boating clubs
- Boxing gloves
- A Football Rules - The Game
- 9 players on a softball team
- 7 innings in a game
- 3 outs in per inning Scoring - If a person touches home base your team
scored a point.
- If nobody is on a base and the batter hits a
home run your team gets one point.
- If there's one person on a base and a home run is hit your team gets two points
- If there are two people on the base and the batter hits a home run, three points are added to the score board
- If the bases are loaded and the batter hits a home run, that considered a grand slam which will get your team four points Strategy Benefits Statistics Famous People Boxing Glove Football - Batting
-The batter is out if three strikes have been called or fly ball is caught - Base Running
- Runners can over run first base only
-Runner is out if they get tagged with the ball, or the ball hits the base before the runner gets there - Cat Osterman
- Dot Richardson
- Joan Joyce
- Jennie Finch - Slap Hitting
- Stealing bases
-Making signals Pictures -Physical
-Players improve and enhance a wide range of
physical attributes including balance, coordination,
strength, and stamina.
- Players participating in youth sports live longer,
have fewer health issues, avoid substance abuse,
and are more likely to attend college.
- Social
- Players gain confidence, determination, and
self-esteem, becoming successful leaders and
team builders in all that they do. - Jennie Finch
- .313 batting average
- 11 home runs (three grand slams)
- 253 strikeouts
- 57 RBI - Cat Osterman
- .250 batting average - 59 RIB - 75 home runs - 15.4 strike outs per game
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