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positioning in the market

No description

Diana Cristina Casas

on 29 October 2015

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Transcript of positioning in the market

This strategy focuses on a benefit your product provides to your target audience. Examples include Volvo’s emphasis on safety and Crest toothpaste’s focus on reducing cavities.
Product Categories
Comparing your product to a product in a different category can be an effective way to differentiate yourself.
Example: Face cleanser commercial compares the product to a regular soap.
Value Positioning
Value positioning in marketing appeals to consumers who are sensitive to price changes. Marketers may target low- to middle-income consumers or just appeal to cost-conscious buyers.
Quality Positioning
This means they focus on offering the highest quality products possible. This type of strategy is common with companies that have superior engineering departments.
Demographics-Related Positioning
positive positioning
is ensuring that all advertising and actions are commensurate with the positioning strategy.
positioning in the market
Positioning is the main process behind how consumers become
of brands and their reputations.
The value positioning strategy tends to work well during recessions or slower economic periods. The downside is that smaller companies usually can't achieve value leader status in an industry. Larger companies enjoy economies of scale, meaning they have lower average unit costs because they buy in higher volumes.
Small business owners usually price their products above industry averages when using quality positioning strategies. The reason is that they need to recoup the extra costs associated with product research, engineering and production.
Related Reading: Principles of Positioning Marketing
Marketers also use various demographics such as age and gender for positioning in marketing. For example, a small vitamin manufacturer may create vitamins that appeal to consumers 50 and older. The company's advertising messages may center around special nutritional requirements of older Americans.
Their products may be targeted predominately toward men or women.
This type of positioning is common when there are two strong competitors in an industry. A company may use comparative advertising to demonstrate that its brands are superior.
Competitive Positioning
Against a Competitor
Positioning your product directly against a competitor’s typically requires a specific product superiority claim.
Usage Occasions
This kind of positioning stresses when or how your product is used by your target audience. Jeep’s focus on off-road driving is an excellent example
Away from a Competitor
Positioning yourself as the opposite of your competitor can help you get attention in a market dominated by some other product.
Product Attributes
Highlighting a specific attribute of your product can also be compelling. For example, Ritz Carlton hotels focus on luxury; Motel 6 focuses on economy.
Focusing on the unique characteristics of specific users can also be effective. The ...For Dummies series of instruction books are attractive to people who want to learn about a topic from a source that doesn’t assume any prior knowledge on the reader’s part.
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