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Welcome to 8th Grade English

First Day of School Presentation

Alana Button

on 16 August 2013

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Transcript of Welcome to 8th Grade English

Welcome to 8th Grade English Language Arts
Miss Button
Follow instructions and leave the name tent standing.
When taking roll, please let me know if you go by another name (or if I'm saying your name wrong!)
Please make a name tent at your desk.
Grew up in Urbana and graduated from Skyline in 2007
Graduated from college at Southwest Baptist University in 2011
In high school, I participated in cheerleading, dance team, choir, drama, Student Council, and FCA.
During college, I was on my college dance team and worked as a cheerleader for the Springfield Cardinals.
When I was in 8th grade, I wanted to be an actress when I grew up.
Working on my Master's degree in School Counseling at Missouri State
Meet Miss Button
The Fam
Winston and Elliot (you will hear stories...)
Cake Making
I'm ready to hear about you and YOUR summer!
Enter the room in a respectful and timely manner. Please wait for the class before you to exit completely before entering.
Always grab your iPad from the cabinet. Please wait until instructed to open your iPad.
As soon as the bell rings, you are working on your bell ringer (typically the Spelling City App). Please leave all conversations and drama at the door. You will be given time to share during class.
Please come completely prepared for class. That includes assignments, paper, pencil, and outside reading book.
Daily Procedures
Grab iPad, take seat immediately, cease conversation as soon as the bell rings.
Bell-Ringer (journal prompt, spelling practice)
Class Discussion and sharing (pair-share)
Independent time
Return iPad, ready to go for the next class.
You are dismissed by me, not the bell.
Typical day in English Language Arts...
Turn in and Pass Back tray
Composition Journal Shelves
Calendar and Syllabus
Composition Journal Prompt Area
Weekly Schedule
Have a laugh board :)
Student Computer (for Reading Counts!)
American Flag (for pledge)
Pencil sharpener (there are two!)
Behavior Matrix and Quarterly Objectives
Lending Library
Art Supplies (markers, crayons, colored pencils, scissors, glue)
Scratch paper, magazines, newspaper, construction paper
Spare notebook paper
iPad Cabinet
My desk (DO NOT ENTER!) :)
Kidney Table
Classroom Tour (it's such a big room...)
My Website
As 8th graders, you will be given a reasonable amount of homework. Typically, you will have some class time to at least begin assignments.

Your biggest homework responsibility is Reading Counts. You are required two take two Reading Counts quizzes per quarter (8 for the school year). One will be due at mid-quarter, the other due at the end of the quarter. I will give you ample time to read in class (D.E.A.R. Days) and remind you when the time comes near. However, it is your responsibility read on your own time in order to complete your reading in a timely manner.

You are expected to read a book that is 8th grade appropriate and near your lexile. This book should come to class with you every single day.

Using Google Drive will allow you to reach all your notes from home. Rarely will you be assigned homework that requires internet, however.
You may be required to email assignments during this course. Also, sometimes iPad activities require an email address. I would prefer that you use school email. Your email should be the first letter of your first name and your last name (@liberatormail.org). Some may vary.

Also, I encourage you to utilize SIS, where you can check your grades. I update your grades as frequently as possible and you are able to check that yourself.
Email and Checking Grades
Filling out your planner is the easiest "A" you can get. I ask that you write down the objective of the day (listed on the board) and any homework.

If you are in my Channel One group, you need to have your planner filled out COMPLETELY by the time I check planners on Tuesdays. That means no copying from a neighbor, and no, I will not wait until the end of the class period to check your planner. When I get to you, if your planner is not finished, you will receive a lower grade and you will not be allowed to go to S2P until your planner is completely filled out.

Filling out your planner should not be a hassle-- think of it as a safe-guard or a way to keep yourself organized.
Behavior Expectations
Just kidding....kind of.
Positive Reinforcement...
You've gotten to hear all about me, now I want to hear about you. On your desk, you should have a post it note. Think about your summer and give it a grade (A, B, C, D, or F). I would like you to write down three memorable moments from your summer. It can be a goal you achieved, something crazy that happened...anything you'd like to share.

Turn to your shoulder partner and share. Partners, you better be listening, because you will have to share about your partner to the class!

Now let's talk about you.
I want to treat you like 8th graders. I want to give you respect and I expect you to respect me and all other teachers. I know we can have a great year together.
I'm kind of a huge game nerd. I will draw numbers randomly and if your desk number is drawn, you are up!

The goal of the game is to remove one block and replace it higher on the Jenga tower. Once you have removed the block, please answer the question that is written on the block. Then place it on top of the stack. If you make the tower fall, you get to put it back up. :)
Jenga time!
Please find your seat on the seating charts.
My summer in an Instagram Minute
That's enough about me.

1. Summer Vacation
2. Something New
3. CRAY-ZAY moment
4. Favorite summer memory
3. CRAY-ZAY moment
This summer, I worked at Lucas Oil Speedway during the Drag Boat races. While waiting to shoot some t-shirts on a boat, I decided to lay down and take a little nap. I was awoken by the sound of an explosion: the summer heat had caused the bottle of CO2 to explode on me, giving me a sort of frostbite.
Need to knows:
We use iPads daily in this room. The ability to follow instructions is key.

Use of GMail
Everyone will need a GMail in order to share assignments and store all notes to a cloud. We will set this up in class together, but you will need the permission of your guardian.
Syllabus and Team Newsletter
Please review both documents with your guardian. A signature is required on the team newsletter. Return ASAP to me.
Utilize the iPads as much as possible
Tell WHY for everything I teach
Go to more extracurricular activities
Get A's in all my master's courses
WIN FUN AND FIELD DAY (for the 4th and 5th times in a row)
Now it's your turn to set goals!
My goals for the year:
Classroom Expectations
Basically, I want to treat you like 8th graders. If it is an expectation at BMS, it is an expectation in my room. By your third year in middle school, you know the expectations. I want this classroom to be somewhere your are excited to go to everyday.

Fun Friday
Every Friday, the last 10 minutes of class can be yours, under these conditions: all assignments are complete, and all expectations have been met for the week.
Name: ___________ Hour: ___________
My goal for 8th grade is ___________ because ____________________.

Have at least two goals.
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