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Whole group for Reading Street Common Core

Luke Bergeson

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of "Supermarket"

Day 1 How can we get what we want and need? Turn to pg. 122-123 What do people shop for in the supermarket? How do they decide what they need? They make choices. How do shoppers know how much they can spend? They have a budget. How do you think all the food gets to the supermarket? Food is brought in from many different places. Amazing Words bargain browse budget exchange Listen to this week's Amazing Words as I read "A Trip to Mega Mart." A budget is a plan for how you spend and save money. Phonics Vowel Digraphs ee,ea
oa,ow Today we will read and spell words with long e, spelled ee, ea. long a, spelled ay, ai long o, spelled oa, ow coat In this word, the letters "oa" stand for the long o. snow steep plead trail display Read and write these words.
Underline the vowel digraph. meet rain teeth Monday sleep raid cleats loam wheat grow read flown Turn to pg. 124 Let's Practice It! Reader's and Writer's Notebook Comprehension Read "On the Farm" on pg. 127 We can compare and contrast life on a farm with life in a subdivision. The farm and the subdivision are the same in that they are both places people choose to live. But the farm has a lot more land than a home in a subdivision. We can look for ways that life on a farm is different than life in a subdivision. When I read, I wonder which life I would like better. Vocabulary http://quizlet.com/_8fwch Let's take a spelling pretest on SpellingCity.com! Go to www.mrbergeson.wordpress.com.

Click on the latest SpellingCity image. Day 2 How can we get what we want and need? Read this sentence. I'll get groceries and exchange this shirt for the right size. What does exchange this shirt mean? Why is the shirt being exchanged. Have you ever had to exchange something? Why? Amazing Words compromise In "A Trip to Mega Mart", Laura wanted to buy computer paper and fancy paper. How did she compromise to spend less? Tell me when you have compromised. Would somebody who is stubborn be easy to compromise with? Phonics Read these words. rail moat clay low reap play freeze neat Read and write each sentence. Dad has to clean the boat. Pat can't mow the yard today. The farmer keeps milk in the pail. Read these words. keep rake exhale bleat Crete details raise site shadow tray smoke motorboat boat flute bowl Vocabulary Skill Read "The Library" on pg. 129. Multiple-Meaning Words Sometimes, when we read, we come across a word that is familiar but doesn't make sense in the context. This word might have multiple meanings. The surrounding words can help you figure out its meaning. We went to the office supply store to buy paper. Store can mean a place to buy items. Store can also mean to put aside something until you need it. What words in "The Library" have more than one meaning? Day 3 How can we get what we want and need? Read this sentence. Families grow all their own food. Later they traded food with one another to get other things they needed. What does it mean when it says they traded food? Why did they trade food instead of just growing their own? What's a synonym for the word "trade"? barter Amazing Words Read and write this word. resource Yesterday we read that farms are a good resource for the many fruits and vegetables that we find in supermarkets. resource - something that can be used to meet a need Phonics Read and write each word. Underline the long vowel digraph. raid display teeth cleats moat flown coach day bean window cheese braid Day 4 How can we get what we want and need? Read this paragraph. An electronic scanner "reads" the bar codes on most products and prints out the prices. A cash register adds up the cost of your food. Baggers ask "Paper or plastic?" and pack up your groceries. What does "reads" mean in the first sentence? scan Who is the bagger? Amazing Words Read and write this word. import Some foods, such as fruits and vegetables, had to be imported from other countries. import - to buy something grom another country and bring it into this country to sell Look at the labels in your clothing or other objects you have. Are any pieces made and imported from another country? Phonics -ed -ing -er -est peeled sitting deeper dirtiest hunting sillier juiciest steered married quicker receiving saddest Fluency to sister plants inches basket many you would napkin lesson glasses winter have puppet families there supper suggest pockets parties
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