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Wesley Brinkmeyer

on 31 March 2010

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Transcript of BCDC-EDF

Economic Development in Brenham:
Where have we been? & Where are we going? 1953 Average Cost of a House = $9,550
Cost of Gas = $0.20 per gallon
President is Dwight Eisenhower
Brenham Industrial Foundation is Formed
Leadership First State Economic Development Sales Tax is Passed in 1989 Where have we been? Talent Why was the Brenham Industrial Foundation formed? In 1953, Brenham, a primarily agricultural community, was loosing talent Where are we going? Top 5 Things Business Look For Location
Quality of Life/Place
Back to Basics Economic Development is Changing! Then..... Recruit
Business Retention
Workforce Development Now....... Business Retention and Expansion
Workforce Development
Entrepreneur Development Future....... Business Retention and Expansion
Innovation/Entrepreneur Development
Talent Development
Recruit Leadership Talent "Coming together is a beginning.
Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success."
-Henry Ford
The EDF:
Past, Present & Future Quick history of the Economic Development Foundation of Brenham Brenham Industrial Foundation is formed Today the Economic Developoment Foundation of Brenham is lead by a 15 member board of directors.
The orgainzation promotes the development and retention of primary employers and the creation of jobs in the community. Questions? Brenham Community Development Corporation
Economic Development Foundation of Brenham
Joint Meeting
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