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Test of Pragmatic Language

No description

April Travis

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of Test of Pragmatic Language

Test of Pragmatic Language

How to administer
1. Flip the picture book to the first picture.
2.Using the correct record booklet for your child's age group, flip to the first page.
3. Starting with item 1 in the record booklet, read the prompt exactly as written.
-The booklet provides appropriate response guidelines
-Use these guidelines to judge the appropriate score for the response
4. Record the score in the box.
What does the TOPL-2 test contain?
Examiners Manual
2 Examiners Record Book
Ages 6-7 & ages 8-18
Picture Book
How much does the TOPL-2 cost?

Pragmatic Evaluation
The TOPL-2 contains 19 optional pragmatic evaluation items. These are used to provide addictional qualitative information about pragmatic language skills.
How to administer PE?
1. Read the PE prompt after the child responds to the corresponding question.
2. Put a check mark in the scoring column if
the response was correct.
If the child's response is correct : 1
If the child's response is incorrect: 0
For PE items
use a check mark for correct items
use a 0 for incorrect items
Scoring procedure:
After administration, add together the 1's in the score column.
This final number is your raw score
Use the raw score to find the percentile rank and the pragmatic language usage index.
Table C.1
What is the Pragmatic Language Usage Index?
A measure of skill in pragmatic language
Can be used to estimate general pragmatic language ability and to identify children with good and poor pragmatic language skills
-The higher the score the more well developed the pragmatic language skills are.
-Based on specific item numbers you can discover what areas of pragmatic language need work.
How to score?
Convert raw scores using table C.1
These can be used to rate their use of pragmatic language.
categories are based on their pragmatic usage index score.
Descriptive Rating
Age Equivalent Scores
Grade Equivalent Scores
Taxonomy of Language
Using table 3.2 you can assess what areas of pragmatic language use need work.
Provides 7 sub components
The TOPL-2 focuses specifically on the Use area of the ToL.
Test Booklet
Picture Booklet
Table 3.2
N.d. Photograph. Mayer-johnson.com. Dynavox. Web. <http://www.mayer-johnson.com/media/catalog/product/cache/1/image/600x/040ec09b1e35df139433887a97daa66f/f/3/f3pe110_01.jpg>.
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