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Europe Code Week - Language of things

Interactive presentation to promote the Europe Code Week by introducing the language of things. Video with audio comments available at http://youtu.be/5sUUiWHU6do

Alessandro Bogliolo

on 18 February 2015

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Transcript of Europe Code Week - Language of things


Languages allow us to
speak with people
from all over
the world
Super-heros and wizards
are also able
to speak
with animals
Kids are also used to talk
with their toys
Things are able to reply and to do (more or less) what we ask them to do
Speaking objects
What's inside?
objects contain a
which is able
to understand and execute instructions...
- very simple
- very clear
- in sequence (one at the time)
- but very fast!
More than
instructions per second!
are our main gateway
to the world of things, in that they:
- stay in our pocket
- are easy to use
- are always connected to the Internet
- are able to talk with other objects
- have millions of
The sequence of instructions to be executed in order to do something useful or fun is a
Any object that contains a microprocessor
needs a program
to operate.
is the process of writing a program.
Coding is the language of things!

Creative thinking
We already make smartphones do a lot of different things thanks to the Apps
by installing an app

we can only make them do
what has been thought
and programmed by someone else

And what if we wanted to make things do something new, that no one else has ever done or thought?
We should know the language of things to develop our own app!
Europe Code Week
Coding is the simplest and the most effective way to make your ideas come true
Coding skills stimulate
creative thinking
The competitiveness of Europe relies on the creativity
of young people
Machine code
is the native language of things
it's a binary code, made only of
's and
Programming languages
make use of English instructions, which are automatically translated into native code
they are the main languages used for coding
Visual languages
allow us to graphically compose the instructions
they provide the best starting point!
All the languages are complete:
they allow us to do anything!!!!
The algorithm is the step-by-step procedure to follow
Programming languages provide a way to represent algorithms
When coding, we need to provide very simple and clear instructions to the machine, relying on the fact that it will execute them:
without any error
very fast
one at the time
without imagination
Europe Code Week
alessandro.bogliolo@uniurb.it @neutralaccess @InfoAppl
#codescool http://www.codescool.net/
Do not neglect details

Let's learn the language of things
Take the point of view of the machine
That's it!
To conclude
Coding means speaking the language of all the objects that we call "smart".
Coding skills give us the capability of making things do what we want them to do, without waiting for others to do it first.
Coding makes our ideas come true.
First of all,
code's cool!
"Coders are the new rock stars"
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