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Laurence Shames, The More Factor

No description

Lindsay Kelley

on 9 September 2013

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Transcript of Laurence Shames, The More Factor

Laurence Shames, The More Factor
vacant space- economic promise
-free land that made the democratic type of society in America
-"freedom of the individual to rise under conditions of social mobility"
-Americans have to transition from the expectation of automatic gains
-frontier in America= growth, expanse, opportunity
-concept/promise of the frontier- fads and fashions.
-endless and fertile

nostalgia in the 80's
-greed, narrowness, need for joy
-inherited the habit of more
-"The luckiest generation"
-had to realize that people don't always get richer every year
-Speculators making towns in the middle of nowhere to create large returns & America would just keep booming

-American hunger for more toys, land, opportunities is part of our hisotry and character
frontier; opportunity; more.
-contentment<restless striving

growth is applied to things that can be counted, weighed, measured
America Today
-not running out of wealth or opportunities, but running out of more
-productivity growth & national debt

"For Millions of breadwinners, the American dream is becoming the impossible dream"
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