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TWoA Analytics Journey

2013 HR Conference

Apa Watene

on 25 November 2013

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Transcript of TWoA Analytics Journey

The beginning of an HR analytics journey 2013
Our organisation
Finding our HR metrics pathway to walk between Lore and Law?
How we have been measuring HR in a transactional space and how we a transitioning the measuring of HR into a strategic space?
Wrap and questions
Moving from partnering Transactional HR to partnering Strategic HR?
Established 1984
Became a national education and learning provider since 1994
Provides holistic education to Māori, people’s of Aotearoa and the world (embraces all cultures)
Provides a unique kaupapa Māori learning environment
Where do we start?
communication where we become like bees spreading/
ideas, expertise and

Move away from traditional hierarchical communication strategies to communication matrixes

Partnering with the business
Consumer – seeking ideas and input from others
Contributor – willingly provide feedback and assistance

Connector – enable, encourage both
and informal collaborations

HR partnering success factors

Te Aroha
Te Whakapono
Ngā Ture
HR partnering with
TWoA values
Customer Service
Innovation and Creativity
Enhance Quality
Labour cost Management
Workforce Productivity
Workforce Capability
Workforce Satisfaction
Workforce Availability
HR contribution with business critical success factors
Define HR contribution
Partnering & Persuasive Advocate
HR & Business Acumen
HR strategic core competencies?
Wrap & Questions
Relationships proceed tasks – the who provides the how, and this can take time
What did we learn?
What your systems can or can not do – may have to get very hands on?
How do relationships shape expectations (i.e. historical, political, structural, functional)?
What is required from key influencers e.g. Executives, Managers, Leaders, HR?
People (finding your stakeholders)?
What happened?
Agreement & patience: even the most simple of metrics (e.g. who are our people, where are they, what are they doing) can be difficult to produce – take the time to do it well
Measure what is important (both lead & respond, $$)
Understand both what to measure and how measurement is going to be used (context is everything)
The beginnings ….
What are these?
The Education Act 1989
Section 162 (4) (b) (iv)
A Wānanga is characterised by teaching and research that maintains, advances, and disseminates knowledge and develops intellectual independence, and assists the application of knowledge regarding ahuatanga Māori (Māori tradition) according to tikanga Māori (Māori custom).
Tikanga Māori being recognised by Law
Education Act 1989
Resource Management Act 1991
Te Ture Whenua Māori Land Act 1993
It's a balancing act for TWoA and Manaaki Tangata (HR)
At times they work harmoniously together
i.e. Powhiri (Welcome) for our new CEO
Why is this important?
English laws are founded on notions of the common law
(Durie, 2005)
Indigenous Customary Rights
Customary Law
Tikanga Māori
Mutu (n.d) Tikanga Māori is the Māori equivalent of English law
Law also comes through Statute law by Parliament
(Ministry of Justice, n.d)
Then there are times where they seem at loggerheads with each other
(integrity) of the individual
How does Tikanga Maori
Wānanga as a way
Ka Wānanga
Wānanga as a place
He Wānanga
Physical location
throughout Aotearoa
Kaimahi / Staff working together to advance the kaupapa (purpose/ vision)
An employer
A learning institution
How 'we' do it
It's about Whānau
How do we measure or explain what is important to TWoA?
The kaupapa (purpose/ vision) is always at the core
Clear link between strategy and operations
We determine what is important
How do we connect business to kaupapa?
How do we understand national and regional environments?
Who are our people, what are they doing and where are they?
HR outputs and outcomes for management span of control (Adapted from Huselid, Becker Dulebohn & Johnson, 2012)
Apa Watene Theresa Aucamp Hamish MacKenzie
The knowledge that our actions are morally and ethically right and that we are acting in an honourable manner
Having regard for one another and for those whom we are responsible and to whom we are accountable.
The basis of our beliefs
and the confidence that what
we are doing is right.
Unity amongst iwi and other ethnicities; standing as one
HR Scorecard 2010
HR Scorecard 2013
Ngā Takepū o te Kaupapa Wānanga and Wānanga Ora domains
HR Scorecard Report for TWoA (Ernst & Young, 2010)
Adapted from HR analytics & workforce intelligence training (Moore, 2013)
Tauira and Kamahi Footprint
HR Capability
Metrics that matter
Relationships & partnerships
Workplace culture shift
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