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The Zen Diet

No description

kerby Larioza

on 7 December 2014

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Transcript of The Zen Diet

The Zen Diet
The fad diet that I am doing is called "The Zen Diet". The zen diet is also known as Macrobiotics.

What is the Fad diet called?
When you are on a zen diet you are not allowed to eat meat. You have to eat vegetables because it is a vegetarian diet.
How does it work?
There is a Zen foods program for vegetarians. It includes 3 meals, which is breakfast, lunch, and dinner plus 1 snack and 1 dessert. It cost $49.00/day + delivery fee.
how much will it cost?
Mon:breakfast: eggs and orange juice
lunch: vegetables soup
dinner: vegetable salad
The 1 week diet plan from Monday to Friday
The zen diet is compared to the canadian food guide because The Zen Diet is mostly vegetables and fruits, and the canadian food guide recommend you to eat vegetables and fruit mostly out of all the 4 option for every age group.
Yes, I would recommend this to my family because my family mostly eat meat, sometimes vegetables and fruits. If my family do this diet they would be very healthy.
Would you recommend this diet to someone?
How does the Fad diet compare to the canadian food guide?
Where and when did it originate?
By: Kerby Larioza
The zen diet is originated by the word Macrobiotics. Which means to follow a diet of whole pure prepared foods. It started in japan.
Tues:breakfast: a bowl of mixed fruits
lunch: vegetables soup
dinner: salad with cheese
wed:breakfast: scrambled tofu
lunch :broccoli with lettuce salad
dinner: mushroom soup
Thurs:breakfast: berries and yogurt
lunch; tomato soup
dinner: tofu and broccoli
Fri:breakfast: eggs
lunch; curry
dinner: broccoli salad
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