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No description

Kristin Wu

on 22 September 2015

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Transcript of Security

Tricks you into giving financial and personal information with too-good-to-be-true offers and sites that closely resemble the authentic one

Creates a medium for malware to enter your computer through email links, attachments, etc

• Makes it difficult for the server to
filter between scams and "safe"
Peers into your activities and your computer without your knowledge and sells collected info to third parties

Often hidden in downloads and is designed to be difficult to remove

Redirects you to unwanted sites and bombards you with a lot of pop-ups
By Kristin Wu
Restricts you of access to your computer or encrypts files on your computer and possibly other external storage systems
Demands a payment to regain access with no guarantee the cyber criminal will do as they say
Accompanied with false scare tactics like a violation of the law
Spreads to other computers often via sending infected email attachments to those in your contact lists
Corrupts data, rendering them inaccessible, and/or downright maliciously deletes files
Significantly reduces the computer's performance, causing lagging, crashes and freezes more often

Uncovers personal data (credit card numbers, bank usernames and passwords, etc.), resulting in financial loss

Exploits weaknesses in a computer to gain unauthorized access, allowing the hacker to peer into our privacy

Accesses sensitive data, often deleting info and/or sells it to third parties
Spyware and Adware
Antivirus Software
Packet Filtering: Chunks of data, called 'packets' are analazyed and run through a filter

Stateful Inspection: Compares key parts of a packet with a trusted information database

Proxy Service: Acts as a middleman, impersonates the recipient and inspects data from the network

Technology will continue to grow at a rapid pace, and computer threats, security methods and the law itself, will continue to expand at the same rate.

This is just the first step.

"Permit organizations...to collect, use and disclose...personal information...in the course of their employment..."
which means to me that my employer will assess me partially based on my social media.

Haha. Let's just say I'm not going to be hired anytime soon.
Opinions on the New "Digital Privacy Act"
Antispyware Software
Anti-Spam Software
Inspects everything that comes into your device and vice versa, then destroying any infected or suspicious items
Periodically scans your entire device for spyware or any other unwelcome surveillance software, which is then destroyed
Filters scam emails and unwanted messages, which can be embedded with malware and other threats, from regular emails
Security is the shield of your computer. It protects both you and your information.
Websites must notify and have the consent of the user about any electornic cookies
Permit disclosure of personal information without the knowledge or consent of an individual for specific purposes (hiring process, medical emergencies, etc.)
• Social media may use the user's information for specific purposes (advertisements,
studies, etc.)
The user cannot:

Threaten or intimidate another person

Send pictures containing nudity or words of sexually suggestive nature, whether the recipient or user has consent or not

Intentionally send derogatory comments about one's religion, gender, appearance, etc.

Inappropriate Use
Can include copyrighted content into one's work as long as it:

Is not for the purpose of commerical gain

Doesn't affect or mimic the artist's reputation

Pertains to the areas of education, satire or parody
What we don't realize, however, is how easily this "shield" can be breached through numerous of types of threats
Methods of Protecting Your Computer
Computer Threats
Legal Issues Concerning E-Communication
What we don't realize, however, is how easily this "shield" can be breached through numerous of types of threats
Computer Threats

Computer Protection

Legal Issues

Digital Privacy Act

• Spam
• Spyware and Adware
• Ransomware
• Viruses
• Hackers
• Firewall
• Software
• Anitvirus
• Antispyware
• Anti-scam
• Privacy

• Inappropriate Use

• Copyright
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