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Timeline AP World History Project

No description

Tanner Wakefield

on 6 September 2012

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Transcript of Timeline AP World History Project

Beer discovered in the fertile crescent. 10000 BCE Pottery was invented which allowed beer to be stored longer. 6000 BCE Beer is widespread in the near east (fertile crescent area). 4000 BCE Beer mentioned in hieroglyphics from Egypt's 3rd Dynasty 2650 BCE Beer was used in medicine found on cuneiform tablets from Nippur a Sumerian city 2100 BCE First physical evidence of wine found in a neolithic village in the Zagros Mountains . 5400 BCE An obelisk showed wine drinking as a social ritual which was wine propaganda. 825 BCE A greek historian Herodotus noticed the main cargo that was carried on rafts to Babylon was wine. 430 BCE A History of The World in 6 Glasses Timeline by Tanner Wakefield Italy became the worlds biggest producer of wine. 146 BCE Pliny the Elder a Roman writer estimated that there were eighty wines and two thirds of that was made in Italy. 70 BCE Distillation discovered 4000 BCE Arnald of Villanova produces instructions for distilling wine. 1300 Charles II of Navarre a ruler of a kingdom in northern Spain burned to death because he was wrapped in sheats soaked in distilled wine which is highly flammable so one clumsy servant must have ignited him with a candle. 1386 Lime juice added to grog to prevent scurvy which was used in the Royal Navy. 1795 Whiskey Rebellion occurred in America 1794 Earliest attempt to ban coffee which occurred in Mecca. 1511 Coffeehouses are more common than ale houses in England. 1609 Pope Clement VIII approves coffee for the Catholic church. 1605 The theory of gravity was discussed at a coffehouse between three scientists of the time Hooke, Halley, and Wren. 1684 French Revolution began at a coffeehouse started by a lawyer named Camille Desmoulins. 1789 Catherine of Braganza makes tea fashionable by introducing it to the English court when marrying Charles II. 1662 Tea was a bigger import from China than silk. 1718 Boston Tea Party was when colonists dressed as Mohawk Indians unloaded three shiploads of tea into the Boston harbor. 1773 First opening of a tea garden in London. 1732 First official logo was created which was used to sell tea. 1787 Soda water invented in Leeds England by Joseph Priestly . 1767 Coca Cola invented as a medicine by John Pemberton. 1886 Coca Cola sold to children by advertising Santa Claus drinking Coke. 1931 Coca Cola celebrated its 50th anniversary. 1936 Coca Cola went to war with the United States after the attack on Pearl Harbor. 1941
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