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Copy of Copy of henry hudson time line peice.4

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Luis F. Farias Gonzalez

on 6 February 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of henry hudson time line peice.4

Henry Hudson's Timeline
Henry Hudson was born around 1565-1570

1607: Mr.Hudson was
chosen by the Muscovy
Company to find a passage
from the north pole to japan
& China.
Henry Hudson was born around 1565-1570.
On 1607 may 1st he sets sail on his First Voage with his 11 crew mates.
On May 1607 Mr.Hudson set sail in Hopewell from Gavesend in england.
On June 1607 Henry Hudson had reached Greenland.
On Sept. 15, 1607 he and his crew returned to England.
April 27 1608: Henry Hudson leaves on his second voage to discover a north east passage across the Artic waters north from Russia.
August 7th 1608 he signs a agreement to go back to England.
August 26 1608 Henry and his crew came back to England.
On 1609 henry hudson discovered the hudson bay company.
April 6th 1609 Mr. Hudson begins his 3rd voage (2nd try to disscover the north east passage), with only 20 crew mates (dutch & england).
April 1609: he sails with the dutch flag (after he changed derections to the new world).
July 18th 1609: sets foot in north america.
Septmber 18th
1609: he meets some natives.
December 1609
he got arrested
for travaling with the dutch
April 17th
1610: he leaves
london for an discovery.
On June 25th 1610
he enters a ferious
waterfall now known
as Hudson strait.
August 2 1610: Henry Hudson enters hudson bay.
At 1611 he sets a draft in a small boat to Hudson Bay and was never heard from again (at fall 1611 the serviving crew reches england).
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