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1970s Presentation

No description

Josh Marchesini

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of 1970s Presentation

The 1972 Scare This was one of many terrorists in the 1972 Scare. 2 of these victims were killed, while the other 9 were held hostage. Success at 1972 Olympics
Munich, Germany Mark Spitz, winner of 7 gold medals and world records. The tip-off of the final game. The USSR defeated the Americans surprisingly as they were the underdog of the final game. The Summit Series, 1972 Paul Henderson scores final goal to win the series. USSR team which faced the Canadians. The Summit Series This photo shows the Canadian team about to shake hands with the defeated enemy . The Summit Series This hockey team was known as the greatest hockey team in sports history. Elton John David Bowie THE
BEE GEES Donna Summer
"The Queen of Disco" John Lennon
Bruce Springsteen Bob Marley The Sex Pistols The Doors Sid and Nancy Sid Vicious' Suicide Their song that caused mayhem throughout the U.K. THE 1970s ENTERTAINMENT SPORTS SIGNIFICANT POLITICAL EVENTS/FIGURES OF CANADA Pierre Trudeau MUSIC MOVIES TELEVISION 1976 Montreal Summer Olympics Many fans did not believe Canada was a good place to hold the Olympics. They were also scared as the days came. Many were in awe by the stadium. With the great opening ceremony Queen Elizabeth graces the crowd with an appearance. 1976 Montreal Summer Olympics Steven Spielburg, and the mechanical shark used for the film. The movie broke box-office records,
made over $740 million worldwide, and won three Oscars. Spielburg was only 27 years old when he directed the film. The Don, with his son who refuses to participate in "the family business" The movie begins and ends with two family celebrations; a wedding and a baptism . Arguably the scariest horror film ever made. Critics praised Ellen Burstyn's acting as her scenes were very convincing to the audience. Star Wars was important
to the film industry
for its use of special effects
and unique editing. The film was described to be a 'space opera' that was enjoyed by both young and old. Lose yourself in the music... SNF made Disco popular throughout the entire world from its success. John Travolta played the protagonist of the movie. The Original "Not Ready For Prime Time Players". The show is filmed in 30 Rockefeller Plaza, NYC. The show dealt with sensitive topics;
racism, rape, homosexuality. It was considered to be controversial at the time, as many topics and words were taboo. Farrah Fawcett was the main star, and ditched the show after one season. The three women were fashion icons and would prove to society that women were just as smart as men. October Crisis 1970 FLQ's purpose was to separate Quebec from Canada. War Measures Act is invoked October 16. Canadian Forces Occupy Montreal. From the acts of terrorism, Quebeckers decided stay with Canada as they feared for future attacks. was Canada's 14th prime minister. He was loved by everyone because he was young, handsome, outgoing, charismatic and charming. Fashion Famous Designers Diane Von Furstenburg Yves Saint Laurent Roy Halston Frowick Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren Women's Trends five-inch platform shoes Men's Trends Men would wear tight nylon shirts that had bright colours. THE END! SPORTS




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