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Basic Pantry

Current Trends

Britt Ridge

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Basic Pantry

Basic Pantry
Current Trends
Erin Brown, Brittney Ridge & Luke COOKING DEMONSTRATION
Mary Wheatly (Local Chef) facilitates cooking demos. from recips provided by Basic Pantry
Every 3-4 weeks
Novice -> Expert
Microwave and Stovetop
Campus Health Services
Sodexo (food organization on campus
Get Healthy Now --> Student Activity Board PROGRAM BEGINNING
* 1st year
*Fit into College Program
student concern about not being able to cook
*Karen Newton (Director of Health Promotions) took action
Cardinal's Nest, Louisville Hall

By University


students pick recipe, ingredients and cook WHAT'S IN STOCK?

Basic Pantry provides food to Cardinals Nest
Employees inform Basic Pantry of stocking needs
Stall Wall
Word of Mouth
Cooking Demo (held in dorms) EVAULATION
On-line surveys

Turn-over rate

https://louisville.edu/campushealth/services/promotion/basicpantry/basic-pantry WHERE DOES IT COME FROM?
Recipes along with ingredients are displayed together
Ryan Perry (Marketing Director for Dining Services) orders from seperate natural, organic vendor (United Natural Foods)
Fresh produce is ordered DAILY! Recipes:
A new recipe is provided every 2 weeks
Last year's winning recipe Ingredients/Directions

• 1 15oz. can of black beans
• 3 cloves of fresh garlic
• Fine grain sea salt (to taste)
• 3 green onions
• Juice of 1 lime
• Whole wheat tortillas
• ¼ cup of hummus (flavor of your choice)
• ½ cup fresh spinach
• 1 large red bell pepper
• ¼ cup grated soy cheese
• Cilantro (to taste)

1. Combine drained black beans, crushed garlic,
sea salt, green onions, & lime juice in a bowl and blend by hand
or food processor.
2. Spread evenly onto tortilla, leaving enough free space to wrap
and fold tortilla on both ends.

3. Layer hummus on top of black bean spread, followed by spinach
leaves & sliced bell pepper.

4. Sprinkle cheese and chopped cilantro,

5. Fold two opposing sides of tortilla so they meet in the middle and
turn in edges of both ends.

6. Place in George Forman for 40-50 seconds and garnish as needed.
Valerie Hardt (Intern)
Community Health
Liaison from health services
Duties: Marketing, Ordering, Recipe Creation Nutrition Work Group
5-6 undergrad students
Look for intern from this group
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