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Chapter 2 Prezi

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john bishop

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Chapter 2 Prezi

Lord of The Flies Chapter 2 Characters... Ralph - The most mature of the boys. Has the most leadership skills and the little ones trust him.
Jack - Is competing with Ralph for leadership and is the lead hunter of all the children on island.
Piggy - Is the fat and dorky looking kid with glasses. Is blind without his glasses. And gets picked on alot although he is probably the smartest boy on the island.
The little boys - All the younger cihldren. They are all very imature compared to the older boys. Ralph and Jack Character Symbolism... Ralph reminds me of a good leader, while jack seems to be more of a dictator. Ralph cares about all the issues and needs on the island and jack only cares about hunting. The back story... The Story starts with the childrens plane from England Crashing onto an uninhabited island. The children then get together and vote on a leader who turns out to be Ralph even though it was obvious Jack wants to be leader. Ralph then organizes a group of people to search the island for anyhthing. Chapter 2... This chapter starts with Ralph calling a meeting with the conch. Ralph then began to talk about what they have found exploring the island. They are on and island with no adults and water all around them. Jack then interupts Ralph about how he seen a pig caught in the vines.

Ralph then gives one big rule, that who ever holds the conch is only aloud to speak. It seems to work at first but then the children begin breaking the rule. Later the next day the kid with the birth mark on his face says he seen a snake like beastie. All the older children dont believe him.

Ralph organizes the group to make a signal fire. The boys all are suppose to find wood and bring it back to one big pile. They then used Piggy's glasses to start the fire. Later Piggy comes running, out of breath, the the boy that told them about the beastie is now missing. Symbols... Plot... Questions... Literary Devices... Alliances... Although it is still early in the book, alliances are starting to be formed. The choir boys seem to be siding with Jack while the rest of the younger children are siding with Ralph. Conch shell - Authority or power symbol
The beastie - is a symbol of fear for the little children
The Fire - there hope for being saved They are alone... Leadership... Uncivilized... Immature little ones... Scared... What does Ralph symbolize on the island? Why is he important?

What kind of leader would jack be if he was leader? Why?

What does the Conch symbolize? Why is this important to their survival?

Compare and contrast Ralph and Jack from what you have learned about them so far.

How do the older boys treat the younger ones? Why is this important?

Who seems to be the best leader?

Who said they seen a beastie?

Whos glasses did they use to start the signal fire?

Who goes missing at the end of chapter 2?

Who is really interested in hunting and the pigs on the island?
Research... During this time period in the book WWII was taking place. Hitler was tring to take over all of Europe. Hitler conquered many countries including, Belgium, France, Germany, Austria, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Denmark, and so on. Hitler's SS were also feared widely because of their ruthlessness. They would bomb and burn whole cities in attempt to kill any race of people they did not like. Overall Hitler and his SS killed over 6 million Jews and over 9 million people of other races.

I believe that this could be part of the reason that the boys from the book where sent on the plane in attempt to flee Europe, but got stranded on an island instead of making it to their destination. Civilized vs Savages
Quotes... "Have you got any matches?"

This shows how they are reliant on modern things and not working for fire "We've got to have rules and obey them. After all, we're not savages. We're English, and the English are best at everything."

This quote shows two things. One is that they think that they are better then everyone else. Also its ironic how they say they are not savages but later in the book they act like savages. "We've got to have rules and obey them. After all, we're not savages."

This can be considered two literary devices either irony or forshadowing. This is because later in the book they do become savages. "He says he saw the beastie, the snake thing, and will it come back tonight...he says in the morning it turned them into things like ropes in the trees and hung in the branches"

This quote shows that even though Ralph tells them not to fear anything, they still have the fear in the back of their mind.
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