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Loss of identity in Lord of the Flies

An exploration of the theme of Loss of Identity in Lord of the Flies

brett halverson

on 19 April 2011

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Transcript of Loss of identity in Lord of the Flies

Loss of identity in William Golding's
Lord of the Flies Examples from the novel: face paint (54)
Jack wears face paint because he wants to blend in with the forest to kill pigs (54). Jack admits to fearing the forest in(53) killing a pig is a way for him to get over his fear. This shows the start of Jacks fallout with society, since society has dictated that killing is bad, as seen with his hesitation (31). Even though Jack was pro British at the beginning we start to see him become a "savage". Also at this point in the novel we see Jack start to prioritize killing a pig over every thing else. Examples from history: Percival forgetting name
Ralphs Blacking out Ralph first admits to sometimes lossing his perspective of the fire which is there only hope of rescue. (139) The fire also is the groups greatest symbol of sosiety.
Before this the island had started to effect him with the beast, this is seen by his reaction to the supposed beast (123). Running away from an injured human being is an illogical reaction, brought about by fear. Percival at the end of the book can not remember his name (201). This is a complete conversion to primitive life since once name is the first thing sosiety teaches you. Golding Starts at the beging showing the children as civilized, everyone saying there name and being organized, to haveing people forget there identity. The Franklin Expedition: 1845-1859 The Franklin expedition's food was poisend due to it being sealed with lead. The bodies were found mutilated. This shows that humans in extreme circumstances in an alien place can become uncivilized and they will resort to whatever is necessaary for survival. Andes Accident In 1972, 16 survivers survived 70 days by eating
the dead passengers. Modern day examples The protests at the G20 started out friendly but became violent after several days... Abu Ghraib torture and prisoner abuse Prisoners where torchered in Abu Ghaib when soldiors where as far away from society as they possably could be. ple Mobs at the G20 Jones town Massacre
close to 900 people commited
suicidethe rest were murdered Gangs Gangs can make people do extreme things because
they isolated there members from the rest of society...
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