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Quali-fly Air

No description

precious masenda

on 5 May 2015

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Transcript of Quali-fly Air

Removing the bar
Operations management
Every airline has the goal to meet the requirements of their customers. Meeting the needs and requirement of these customer makes an airline a successful business. A customer wants to book a flight and expects the journey to seamless, easy and comfortable as much as possible. They want their baggage to reach their destination and to them without hassle, seat is comfortable enough, less wait in the airport, on time flight, polite staff, good in-flight services and minimum queuing.
Compensation to passengers

Quali-fly Air
Quali-fly Air
Alexander Rogers
Amna Tanveer
Kayon Hibbert
Precious Masenda
Stelvia Marques

London Luton
90 European Destinations - Developing new long haul routes
110 aircraft (1 new Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Removing the bar from the Aircraft doesn’t require a lot of work compared to if we remove the bags which will require the right procedure i.e. cancelling all the bags from the flight and issuing new bag tags for both passengers and their bags .
in the event of a service failure in this case failing to offer the bar to the passengers on board, service recovery procedure must take place. The service recovery action taken by the airline includes actions to avoid customer dissatisfaction . (Sparks and McColl-Kennedy, 2001.
management had made a decision to offer drinks and snacks to the passengers as part of their celebration. Every passengers gets one drink and a snack or gets a voucher to purchase a meal at any airport therefore the passenger's expectations were exceeded before they board the Aircraft.
Service Concept
Quali-fly Air is a charter airline operating to holiday destinations within the highly competitive short haul european market.
Johnston et al (2012) describe a service as a set of steps which involve the treatment of a customer and/or something belonging to the customer.
Quali-fly aims to provide a safe and reliable means of air transport, whilst offering a memorable start and end to a holiday, on behalf of tour operators that use Quali-fly’s services as part of a holiday package.
Quail-Fly has a high volume of passengers, a low variety of products; short haul european flights with a economy and premium product. There is low variation as the airline will operate when the demand is strong, e.g. summer/school holidays.
According to Johnston et al (2012) the service concept of an organisation is the shared understanding of the nature of service provided and received
Passenger Needs & Customer Satisfaction
Quali-fly Air competes against Thomson and Thomas Cook as a charter airline, therefore being
dependable can be an order winner for Quali-fly Air. Removing the bar negatively affects
dependability as an order winner because tour operators want an airline they can rely on to satisfy the needs of their customers. Removing the bar will give passengers reason to complain and taint the the tour operator and the overall package.Quali-fly Air aims to provide excellent products and services and exceeding their customers’ expectations. In this specific scenario they can deliver customer satisfaction by delivering the passengers bags upon arrival rather than two days later. Some of the passengers have families and it would be very inconvenient if they don’t have their luggage for two days.
Why removing the bar
The flight to Malaga is 3 and half hours and the bar is not free for passengers on board. Removing the bar is an easy and more convenient option because
• Boeing suggest that It is easy and less time consuming therefore it saves time which means the flight will depart on time and won’t miss the allocated time slot at LTN as well as MLG
• Luton airport is a Busy airport so it hard to get a slot again once you lose your allocated time slot
• If the flight is delayed by any chance the airline loses money and it damages the business reputation.

Operations Strategy

Operations strategies are developed from the competitive priorities of an organization that include low cost, high quality, fast delivery, flexibility and service operations strategies also depend on order qualifiers and winners (Jones,P. and Robinson,P, 2012).
High volume
3 flight per week.
a fleet of over 110 aircrafts,
90 destinations
3,700 employees
Qualifly offers low variety. Offering no meals to the economy class only business and they have to pay for the bar.


Variation in demand is low because there is enough aircrafts and staff on ground at all times especially during the summer period, so they do not need to employ more staff or get more aircraft at these periods.


Qualifly offers low visibility, its sales are sold online, www.Qualifly.com, where the passenger is offered value-added service i.e online check-in and additional discounts on the ticket price. Also at the following:
Travel agent

Quality management
Capacity Demand and forecasting

Dognaps (2006) explains that a higher utilisation of aircraft creates an operational advantage that ow cost carriers have over legacy airlines. Jones and Robinson (2012) explain that utilisation is the proportion of the design capacity actually achieved, therefore any unnecessary delay at the airport reduces the utilisation of the aircraft.
Quail-Fly Air aims to operate their aircraft with high utilisation similar to low cost carriers, reducing the amount of time aircraft are spent on the ground by quickly turning the aircraft around.
Removing the trolleys from the aircraft requires two (front and aft) catering vehicles to connect to the aircraft and take the trolleys back to the catering centre.
Removing the bags requires the use of a container loader to remove baggage containers from the hold OR a belt loader to remove 50 cases in the bulk hold.

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To conclude, Quali-fly Air has decided to remove the bar on board the flight from London Luton to Malaga. This has decided due to the fact that it will take less time to remove the bar trolleys off the plane compared to 50 bags.
Because Quali-fly is a charter airline it is not obligated to give compasation however its important to meet customer satisfaction and its ben decied to give £5 drinks voucher to those pax who wanted to buy something on flight. Removing 50 bags would incur costs of £2000 assuming all 50 passengers claimed £40 worth for the two days they are without their
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