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Co-op Training - Summer (123)

No description

Rayan Al-thubiti

on 16 September 2013

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Transcript of Co-op Training - Summer (123)

The Management of University College at Yanbu makes maximum efforts to meet the needs of their students and provide them with appropriate coop training opportunities .

Cooperative training program Co-op) is an academic program that allows students to gain practical work experience prior to graduation.

The training period was 14 weeks (560 hours); it was divided to be 8 hours day, 5 days a week. My training plan was set by my field supervisor Mr. Salim.A.Binladen.
SAMREF Profile
SAMREF is an equally owned joint venture between Saudi Arabian Oil Company (Saudi Aramco) and Mobil Yanbu Refining Company Inc. (a wholly owned subsidiary of Exxon Mobil Corporation).

Approval was given to form a joint venture under the name of Petromin Mobil Yanbu Refinery Company Ltd. (PEMREF) as a state of the art refinery. The refinery construction was completed in 1984 and operations began smoothly.

On 11/1/1414 (H) (July 01 1993G) the Royal was issued whereby all oil refineries, petroleum products, distribution facilities and Petromin shares in the joint venture refineries were merged into the Saudi Arabian Oil Company (Saudi Aramco).

Core Value
PEOPLE : We value, trust, develop and empower all of our people to be mutually accountable for SAMREF’s success.
FAIRNESS : We strive to be fair in our judgment and acts.
INTEGRITY : We conduct our business to the highest ethical standards.
EXCELLENCE : We excel in all that we do, and the way in which we do it.
TEAMWORK : We complement each other, and always work as a team to achieve our business objectives.
ACCOUNTABILITY : We hold ourselves and one another accountable for our actions.
CITIZENSHIP : We pay full attention to the well-being of the employees as well as the community.

Vision : SAMREF shall be the leading refinery in Europe and Asia .
Mission : Supply of the highest value products at a competitive cost while maintaining world class safety, reliability and environmental protection .
The main products are :
Gasoline 35 %
Jet Fuel 15 %
Heating Oil and Diesel Fuel 30 %
Marine and other Fuel Oil 7 %
LPG and other 3 %

SAMREF Environment, Health & Safety (EHS): Everyone who works at SAMREF, employees and contractors, has a responsibility to protect the environment, health and safety of all personnel in the workplace.

Co-op Training
I did my co -op training at Saudi Aramco Mobil Refinery Co. Ltd. (SAMREF) in CPW (Contract Purchase and Warehouse) for 14 weeks 560 hours and the purpose of this co -op training is to apply what I have learned in college and to go and experience the work environment.
The Co -op Training was in warehouse under three sections
Material Issue Section
Material Receiving Section
Material Control Group
The Three Sections
The warehouse Issuing Inventory Controller/Senior Inventory Controller shall select the required items and issue quantity from the reservation or order using the MIGO transaction in SAP program. The Goods Recipient is to be identified prior to posting the material movement. The warehouse Issuing Inventory Controller/Senior Inventory Controller is required to check and, if necessary, update the recipient data filed to ensure the correct details are entered in the system. The selection is then ‘posted’ in SAP and the corresponding document printed as a ‘Pick Ticket” in the warehouse issuing office. The “Post” operation confirms the material issue and updates the system accordingly.
Task Performed
Physical Issuing for the materials.
Issuing the chemical stock.
Locate the new material.
Print the document from SAP.

Warehouse Issuing Section

There are two types of the materials:
Stock Material: Material for the warehouse (inventory)
Non-Stock Material: Material for particular department. We wait for inspection to check it and give it to the department who order it (we don’t keep it in the warehouse).
Task Performed
Receive an email from the suppliers
Make for them a gate pass
Give the Security code for gate pass
The supplier come to warehouse
Check the shipment quantity on delivery note
Print the material receiving report by entering the purchase order (PO) number in SAP
Check description from the receiving repot and compare it with the all parts one by one
After checking we receive it by SAP
Print the code labels then we take these labels and we stick it on the materials.

There are three type for receiving the materials in SAP
101 : the material is Ok and do not need inspection.
103 : the material needs inspection. أضف ورقة 103
105 : the inspection of the material is done and it’s OK.

Warehouse Receiving Section
The end of week
We write a report on excel sheet for all POs we received in same week and Send it to the manager.

warehouse has many of storages:
The Main Warehouse ( MW): which is contains of a lot of section for electronics and small parts of metal.
The Cold Room ( CR): which is contains some materials need to be in cold place before it use especially if the part will stay long time.
The Chemical Storage: For any chemical materials.
The ISO TANGE area: Which is far away from a mine warehouse.

The main responsibility of the group is to maintain, in SAMREF warehouse, a sufficient quantity of materials and spare parts to satisfy end user demand
Task Performed
Perform MRP Run (Material Requirement Planning)
Create manual Purchase requisitions
Review supplier’s quotations
Assist warehouse to inspect new items
Review end user requests for new stock or non-stock items and create MMR ( Material Master Records) as applicable.
Perform Physical Inventory Verification of the warehouse stock
Monitor warehouse stock (value & stock items) and report to the management on monthly basis.
Perform report for new items called (Zero Stock) by using SAP.

Material Control Group
Warehouse Receiving Section
Material Control Group


At the end of this report, I would like to thanks Allah for this blessings, my parents who supported me all the way of my life, my teachers and instructors for inspire me, my mentors who helped me, and my friends who I shared with them the great academic life. I wish all the best for everyone and myself.
Final Report
Co -op Student
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