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Kaniesha Cannady

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Anime

Anime Anime is Japanese (or Korean) animation NOT ANIME There are many familiar anime shows in America such as: Pokemon Dragonball Z Naruto And sonic Not Just shows!!! People go wild for Anime!! Cosplay is when people dress up as anime characters and go to things like anime con, sometimes they will do it for parties too but its always for fun! Anime doesn't have to be a show any type of Japanese animation is anime. Vocaliod is an example. The girl above is actually a cosplay example of the most popular Vocaloid character, Hatsune Miku (Miku Hatsune by American standards) Vocaliod Is a very popular anime where the creators made a program for the people to create their own anime character(s) to sing. If their character becomes popular enough, then the original creators make it an official character. Anyone can do, any song, with any Vocaliod character. However ,though Vocaliod is an anime; it is not a show, simply anime characters created with computer voices to sing and dance. There are 'live' concerts people go to to see them. Vocaloid concert There is also Fanfiction, which is when people make stories out of anime shows. Rather those stories be crossovers with other animes or adding themselves and their own personal spin to it. There is a site dedicated to just this Fanfiction.net There was a whole t.v program dedicated to anime it was Toonami on Cartoon Network. Interesting fact!
everyone I know has seen the Power puff girls, another late nighties popular girls show shown on cartoon network, it is not anime however, its counter part is. There has been a anime based off of the power puff girl called Demashita PowerPuff girls Z it was co produced by Cartoon Network Japan and Aniplex. Sailor Moon Toonami was a popular cartoon network program that from 7pm to 10 pm would play various animes such as Dragon ball z, Naruto, One piece and many many others. Sailor moon was an early Toonami program that came on in the late 1990's. I believe it was the most popular anime show in American, aside from Pokemon, being that everyone I know of has seen sailor moon. In fact, it was so popular that it was turned into a live action show. Live action is an anime that has basically been turned into a movie. and one more thing anime is based off or its counter part Manga

( the proper pronunciation being mon-ga)
Which is read right to left want extra? Pictures and videos retrieved from Prezi Library Butterfly on your right shoulder and The world is mine videos by Jayeeyee on YouTube, Gemini video by Yamilucy on you tube. Sailor Moon live action versus anime video by Nicki013 on You Tube. They also make them Music videos
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