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No description

Maria Medina

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of NEW PREZI

Brave New World -
Mustapha Mond 1984 - Big Brother The Island - Dr. Merrick Leaders who play god control society through: fear of the Ministry of Love, Room 101
conditioning, hypnopaedia
false implanted memories 1. psychological manipulation 2. technology telescreens
baby hatcheries & conditioning centres
cloning 4. suppressing love love only exists for Big Brother, marriage must be approved by the Party, sex is only for making children
promiscuity is encouraged, no lasting relationships
clones aren't allowed to get close to one another, don't know what sex is
history was rewritten contamination
the Ministry of Truth's records 5. creating stability through equality living conditions are bad for everyone
people are conditioned to like their class, lower classes = Bokanovskied eggs
everyone wears the same clothing, has identical rooms, etc 3. limiting learning/information old books are banned, Newspeak
clones are taught simple reading
lower classes can't read/write society based on patriotism,
loyalty to Big Brother cloning project exists for people
to pursue immortality society based on consumption,
technological advancement Winston Smith Lincoln Six Echo John the Savage "Why is everyone wearing white all the time? If you don't mind, I'd like another colour." "Where do all these tubes go?" couldn't belong in society wanted change & struggled to find meaning Stalin, leader during "Great Terror" (1936- 38)
Included "Show Trials" with fabricated evidence Stalin's standing ovations lasted as long as 20 minutes secret police spied on secret police went as far as to alter photographic evidence Hitler Youth Organizations
Organised leisure activities to keep citizens busy and happy cannot suppress the human need to found strength in friends/lovers Where have we seen similarities in history? How the totalitarians maintain power Character Irony Current Events: are we becoming like the societies of Brave New World & The Island? 'Big Brother' / no family structure
technology improves society / encourages passivity & reliancy
science = more knowledge / limit people's learning
Oceania is free from capitalists in top hats / the Party takes over

Symbols "..but.. I have childhood memories. I have a grandmother!" - Jordan 2 Delta "[we] must.. produce a child if [we] could. [It is] our 'duty to the Party.' " -Katherine
1984 the singing prole woman
glass paperweight
painting of St. Clement's
Big Brother
Brave New World soma
electric fence
zipper suits
The Island the bug
the island
white "Do you like being babies? Yes, babies. Mewling and puking." - John "Capitalists.. were the lords of the earth. Everything existed for their benefit. The ordinary people.. were their slaves." - Winston "We can't allow science to undo its own good work. That's why we so carefully limit the scope of its researches.." - Mustapha "If there is hope, it lies in the proles." - WInston "Nobody has ever seen Big Brother. ..he will never die, and.. is the guise in which the Party chooses to exhibit itself to the world. His function is to act as a focusing point for love, fear, and reverence." "[The storm] makes me feel as though I were more me.. more on my own.. not just a cell in the social body." - Bernard valued individuality, morals, religion courageous - rebeled in open, bolder ways cowardly - rebeled in secret optimistic at the prospect of success pessimistic - waited to be caught by the Thought Police "Thoughtcrime does not entail death: thoughtcrime IS death." - Winston Brute force question authority,
seek love and
greater meaning
in life. Societies are ruled through Fear however... Meaningless distraction and Deception "Teens undergo knife to boost flagging self-esteem"
media sets standards on immage
people logging to look "normal"
sex and promiscuity have become mainstream in society
"Frozen mice cloned; are mammoths next?" scientists lack morals
there is a reason for extinction like there is a reason for mortality "Big brother is literally watching you- and talking" camera's in town to stop crime project is for cameras to talk and stop crime while its happening no privacy? driven- completely succeeded in his restistance against the system Only one of Stalin's comrades in this picture died from natural causes. The same photograph published in 2 biographies of Stalin that appeared in 1939 and 1949, has been retouched and rearranged. 60% of those present were erased from history. disciplined- refused to get caught up into promiscuity
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