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Islam:The Six Articles of Faith

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Noah Matheson

on 11 June 2014

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Transcript of Islam:The Six Articles of Faith

Islam:The Six Articles of Faith
Belief in One God (Tawhid)
Islam is a monotheistic religion.Muslims believe in only one supreme being, a being with no gender and infinite power. The god of Islam has been given 99 names such as Allah and Ar-Rahman. Allah belongs to no special group of people but is believed to be the God of all humankind. The first article of Faith is tied into Shahada or the confession of faith.
Belief in the Angels
Belief in the holy Scriptures
Muslims believe in all the Abrahamic texts. This includes
- the Qur'an from the Prophet Muhammad
-the Torah revealed by Moses
-the Gospel or Injil from Jesus
-the Zabur revealed by David
These books are all considered to be from Allah as mentioned in the Qur'an. The Qur'an is different from the other texts as it is Allah's direct words and should be treated with the utmost respect it is thought to be its best in Arabic. Any other translation of this is an interpretation, but is still very holy. None of the books are 100% reliable except for the Qur'an.
Belief in the Day of Judgment or Yawm ad-Dīn
The day of judgment is spoken of in the Qur'an it is not known when it will happen; however, there will be signs that will led up to judgement day. Some of the signs include the Kaaba being destroyed; the sun rising from the west as apposed to the east; and the beast of the earth will emerge. The day of judgment is said to be Allah's last assessment of humanity consisting of the annihilation of all life, the resurrection of the dead, and the final judgement.
Belief in predestination or Qadar
Qadar is an Arab word for fate. The sixth article of faith is sometimes left out as Sunnis agree with it and Shia do not. It is said that Allah so powerful that he knows everyone's future, but this does not mean Allah makes people do bad things. People just live up to what Allah already knows about them. People can make an effort to change, but it is thought that sinners do not. This is confusing to some so they leave it out at times.
Belief in the Prophets
Muslims believe in all the prophets of the one true God. This includes the first prophet Adam to the the final prophet Muhammad. Muslims believe all prophets were mortal beings, including Jesus, chosen by Allah to teach that there is a single God and to teach others how to live there lives without sin. Muhammad is the seal of the prophets he is the final prophet and very important to Islam. Muhammad is equal to all people except he is a perfect representation of what a human should strive for, but he is still just a man.
Iman is the belief in the Six Articles of Faith also known as Arkan al-Iman. Iman is like the Shahada or confession of faith and it is the truths that all muslims believe.
All Muslims believe in Angels also known as Malāʾikah. Angels are the messengers of Allah created from light to do Allahs biding. The angel Jibraaiyl(Gabriel) is the most important angel in Islam as he gave Allah's final revelation, the Qur'an, to Muhammad on the night of power and excellence.
The Six Articles in Culture
Islamic culture depends upon the Six Articles of Faith. The culture is formed by the Qur'an in ways such as how they dress and what they eat. Muslims will only eat Halal food and in most Arab countries, they have a modest set of clothes. Muslims do not just believe there religion, they live their religion. Their everyday actions reflect their traditions and beliefs. It is in the manner in which true Muslims treat each other.
Do you believe in fate or predestination?
Do you think there will be a judgment day?
Do you think Islam is a force for good?
By Noah Matheson
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