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Entrepreneurial Roadshow

Presented by Jon Bittner at the Entrepreneurial Roadshow on September 5, 2012

AEDC Anchorage, AK

on 6 September 2012

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Transcript of Entrepreneurial Roadshow

Opportunities ENTREPRENEURIAL Alaska Now's the Time! #5 Entrepreneurs per capita (Kauffman Foundation)
#12 America's Smartest Cities (Daily Beast)
#5 States with Fastest Growing Economies (MSN Money)
#43 Best Places for Business & Careers - out of 200 cities (Forbes) Alaskan Innovators Worldwide event
30 participants
12 projects
Another event in Sept 21-23 Students from Anchorage, Juneau, Fairbanks
Past winners: Sequestered Solutions, Tyler Systems, Gear Spoke, Great Northern Peonies Business Plan Competition Over 200 ideas in 2011
$10,000 grand prize
Renewable energy, outdoor gear, safety equip., medical devices, more! Thank you! Today's presentation can be found on AEDCweb.com UAA & UAF The future of Alaska's economy will depend on our ability to grow and encourage our existing base of innovators and inventors. AMEP Incubator Space Catapault Consulting EA Games, Bacardi apps
Manufacturing projects - DOD, BP
Meadery 30 coders registered
Weekend long event
5 projects submitted
Another event in Feb. '13 Completed first steps in getting Maker Faire license - July 2013
Brings a community's innovators and inventors together to show their projects and teach others 50 AK Kickstarter Projects
Generated over $1M in funding
(Juneau, Hoonah, Haines, etc) Lifeless Planet On the Ice Exit Glacier
Working on location for maker space
Small entrepreneurial spaces
Education training, tool library
Prototype for rural Alaska education Questions? jbittner@aedcweb.com
(907) 334-1205 Financing $5,000 crowd sourced micro loan
0%APR for 12 months
AEDC first organization to be trustee in State
Partnership w/ SBDC Debt Financing Crowd Funding Angel Funding
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