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Comparison of Two Mega Cities Assigment

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Phoebe Gonzalez

on 5 August 2013

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Transcript of Comparison of Two Mega Cities Assigment

Comparison of Two Mega Cities
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Successes and Failures

Similarities of Paris and New York

The two cities of Paris and New York are very similar in some ways. For example they are both regarded as fashion capitals of the world therefore both hosting Fashion Weeks. Two of their most iconic fashion designers are similar in their designs who are Ralph Lauren and Jean- Paul. Another similarity is the city of New York is divided into 6 boroughs and Paris is divided into 2o arrondissements. These cities also have famous and iconic landmarks which are the Eiffel Tower and the Empire State Building. New York has the famous art museum called the MET and Paris has the famous art museum of the Louvre.
The population of Paris is 2.234 million and Ile de France (region) is 11.8 million

The population of New York City is 8.3 million and New York state is 19.57 million.

Environmental Factors
The city of Paris has major environmental factors that impact the city. The iconic Disneyland Paris causes major environmental factors. The building of this amusement park caused loss of farmland and farmers income. Once it was built the boost in tourism caused more pollution from the flights and public transportation to get to the venue. Another major environmental factor is air pollution caused by enhanced transportation and the increased use of energy from transportation. There is also a limited supply of water due to droughts and the water consumption of agriculture, it consumes 44 %. The use of fertilizer and liquid manures also are polluting the water underground with chemicals. Lastly, the sewers in Paris are also a major environmental factor as it can cause pollution and a lot of waste if not maintained properly.
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Successes and Failures of New York
Successes: The successes of New York range from being the largest metropolis in America to having the largest transit system in the world being including their subways ! Another success is being the top tourist destination in the U.S.A . Also New York is the world leader in finance, the arts and communications.Lastly on their boats in the harbor, they have a collision avoidance system where it has data that can save lives from accidents !
Successes and Failures of Paris

Successes: The successes of Paris ranges from there exceptional sewage system. Their sewage system has the streets labeled underground so they don't get lost and the sizes of the sewers meet the sizes of the streets above. Another one of their successes is the Eiffel Tower gets 6 million tourists a year ! That's HUGE !! But not as huge as Paris attracting 44 million tourists a year, therefore making it the most visited city in the world ! Also all of Paris's cables are underground. Last but not least, Paris has the largest art museum called the Louvre.

Failures: The failures of Paris include the struggle to maintain the condition of sewers, the solution to this problem is they have computer system called Tegra which has a map of the sewers and can detect any maintenance problems. Another one of their failures is they need to update their delivery system as it was too slow so they installed high speed wi -fi that covers the whole city in order to modernize their mail deliveries to use e-mail that's faster. Paris also has incomplete cables underground that humans can't get to, the solution was to use American robots that can get to them. When torrential rain occurs in Paris their failure is that the sewers overflow with water so in order to release that water they made a solution of having gates open to discharge the water in to the River Seine or reservoirs. This failure links to another failure where the water that discharges to the river is not treated as it has been in the sewers.They face a difficult choice of polluting the river or sending the sewage on the streets. The solution to this failure was they have a sewage treatment plant.
Failures: New York's failures include the Fulton St Subway Station has no connection to the Path Train Station.There solution was to build walkways, a Path hub to railways,buses and ferries to connect it all together.Another one of the city's failures was when the first subway crossed Manhattan Bridge. The bridge started to sway and it caused the beams to snap off. They fixed this by closing the bridge to repair it and the city invested 2.5 billion dollars to repair all it's bridges. With this investment they installed heavy metal braces. New York also had a failure with their cab drivers in the 1960s where there were unofficial and unlicensed drivers. In 1967 the city declared for cabs to be painted yellow to cut down this problem. A recent failure in New York was the 911 dispatch system went offline delaying emergency calls for 90 minutes. They fixed this problem by operating back up servers and hiring technicians to fix the problem. Lastly, New York's subway stations are connected to water mains and power lines. The tracks above ground are vulnerable to the elements of nature and hazardous, random accidents. A solution to this problem was the early detection by the train conductors to call control, Mobile Data Center which has a computerized map of all subway systems and city structures and an Emergency Management Team.
Paris and New York

Differences between Paris and New York
The differences between these two iconic cities are very opposite in some ways. An example of this is New York is the city that never sleeps and therefore is always on the go, however Paris is more of a relaxed city. Even though they both enjoy their coffee they drink it in different ways. Parisians drink their espresso sitting on the terrace and in New York they drink it while walking. The locations of these cities are also very opposite as Paris is located in Western Europe and New York is located East of America. Cuisines in these cities are opposite as Paris's cuisine is prominently French and New York's cuisine is multicultural as their population has diverse cultures. Another difference is in their food, the Parisians love their pastry and New Yorkers love their pastrami. Lastly they are famous in two different areas of stars/celebrities. New York is famous for their basketball stars and Paris is famous for their ballet stars.
Environmental Factors
New York
In New York there are significant environmental factors that impact the city. One factor is New York's iconic features of nature such as parks and forests, are threatened by the interference of over development. The majestic Hudson River Valley is without 100,00 acres of forest, farmland and vast areas due to 25 years years of development ! This area is the size of 10 Manhattans ! Another environmental factor in New York is the environmental costs of oil. From climate change, to spills, smog and accidents this is a major factor to the environment as it causes harm to nature. In 2011 Exxon Mobil spilled and dumped 158.9 liters of oil ! Also the burning of oil is effecting the lungs of New Yorkers. the next factor is billions of liters of sewage that is untreated is flowing in the Long Island Sound every year causing, serious pollution closing of beaches and huge dead zones. Lastly the city of New York produces large amounts of waste that can fill the Empire State Building ! This causes animals to die and the polluting of the environment.

New York:
Both Cities:

By Phoebe Gonzalez
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