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El Dia de los Muertos

No description

Stephanie Alexander

on 6 November 2017

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Transcript of El Dia de los Muertos

Dia de los Muertos
What does it mean?
Dia de los Muertos
Dia = ___
de= __
Los= ___ (______/_________)
La palabra "muerte"
viene del latín mors, mortis, con la misma raíz (same root) que el verbo latino mori
(dead, 1st person, past tense)
, que nos dio el verbo morir. (to die)
English words?

En resumen
¿Que?- Dia de= ___ _______

¿Donde?- El dia de los muertos se celebra en México y algunos (some) países de centroamerica.

¿Cuando?- Del 31 de octubre al 2 de noviembre

¿Porque?- Para honrar a los muertos

Using your Cornell notes, complete the first page of your flipbook.
-What, where, when, why

Jigsaw group activity
1. Ameer 1. Alassane 1. A'Jah
2. Justin 2. Shakira 2. Roberta
3. Marc 3. Daniya 3. Anand
4. Diana 4. Rosen 4. Robert
5. Arianna 5. Karim 5. Melonie
6. Lakayla 6. Ryann 6. Shanique
7. Kenty

1. Andrew 1. Victor
2. Kevin 2. Trynity
3. Willie 3. Fedeline
4. Naya 4. Mary
5. Rondo 5. Jessica
6. Micheal 6. Andelyne
7. Andre

Jigsaw Activity
You will work with your assigned group in your assigned role to read the given article on a Dia de los Muertos topic. As a group, you will summarize and organize the information to present to the class. While the groups are presenting, you must write the definitions of the vocabulary words in your dia de los muertos vocabulary flipbook and one fact your learned from the presentation in your notebook under the Cornell notes section.
Cornell Notes
Topic: El dia de los muertos
Conexión Cultural
Side Margin Question: What feelings or mood do the words and themes related to this celebration have in our culture?
Return to your Cornell Notes
In the margin, answer the following question:
What are the similarities and differences between how your culture and that celebrated in el dia de los muertos? List at least one difference and one similarity. Write in complete sentences.
Exit ticket
On your sticky, write at least one thing you learned about el dia de los muertos. Paste on the door on your way out.
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