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Sunrise over Fallujah

No description

alexandra hausmann

on 22 April 2013

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Transcript of Sunrise over Fallujah

Walter Dean Myers Sunrise over Fallujah Sunrise over Fallujah Walter Dean Myers Summary: Sunrise over Fallujah takes place during the Iraq war.
Robin Perry or known as "Birdy " is in civil affairs and helps the Iraq people. He has been traumatized by the dramatic deaths of the Iraq people. He has seen people of only half of their bodies. He has had tea with a family, and plays soccer with some Iraq boys. But its not all fun and games they find IED's which are Improvised Explosive devices. He also is looking for a fourteen year old boy who was past curfew they find him, and lucky to, there is so many Iraqis, or should I say people dying. Robin and his squad are sent on a mission to find these children who have been kidnapped but turns out they are not really kidnapped. The british, who they are suppose to find the "kidnapped" children have the children, its just to look good on camera. In the end, Jones, or Jonesy dies, when trying to rescue one of the blind "kidnapped" Iraq children, Jonsey dies because during the time a bomb was going off. They have a funeral for Jonsey and saying his last Role call, Jonesy is in Robin's squad, and in the end Robin and his squad members don't thing they will ever be the same after Operation Iraq Freedom. Birdy also gets a purple heart for going on the mission. Setting: Poem: Evaluate: I give this book a thumbs up because it had a lot of action and was very entertaining. By: Alexandra Hausmann
class: Shermer Period: 2 The Conflict: Themes: The theme of this book is to help others that might not want to help you but you help them anyway. The message I think also that the author was trying to explain was we should be lucky that our country is free and that we don't have to follow a certain person. Tone Historical Character: One of the historical characters in my book is Saddam Hussein and he is the president of Iraq. He is overthrown by the Americans and he is overthrown because he was considerably capable of overthrowing the government. He also created security forces, which he controlled tightly with the conflict between the government and the armed forces. Saddam Huissein died on Saturday, December 30, 2006. He was executed because crimes against humanity, because he murdered 148 Iraq people. Where this book takes place is in the Iraq war in 2003. Life was pretty much what life is like today but a little less technology. We didn't have the weapons of mass destruction but now we do because we got them from Iraq.The weapons of mass destruction are a chemical weapons, and a chemical weapon is a toxic chemical that contains a delivery system such as a bomb or shell. Mood: Sunrise over Fallujah takes place in Baghdad, Iraqi.
They also go to Kuwait. They are trying to help the
Iraqis take care of there own
country. They have also
overthrown Saddam Hussein, the
president of Iraq. the time era is about
2003-2004. The main conflict in this story is the Iraqis and the Americans. The Americans are trying to help the Iraqis become a civilized country. Because before the Americans came Saddam Hussein was their president and then the Americans knocked his statue over and they are trying to help the Iraqis but they keep bombing the Americans and Iraqis are dying. They are trying to help Iraq but everybody is just confused and mad at each other. This is a external conflict. Robin
Lives in Harlem
Hears the rattling sounds of bombs
Sees his friends dying
Touches Marla's hand to his
Feels the faces of the Iraq people dying
Needs to help the Iraqis get freedom
Fears of dying
Gives it his all
Wonders what he will do after this
Dreams of going home safely
Hopes for the people he meet here will stay the same
Believes in his country
Loves Marla
Hates shooting people
Is a purple heart
Perry I think the tone that the author was trying to get at is kind of a sad tone, but has bits and pieces in the book the identify a happy tone to. For Example: Page 199 says:
Ahead of us Darcy was climbing out of the turret and I watched her go off toward the side of the road. When she unrolled her poncho and started wrapping it around her waist I had to laugh. She was going to take a leak.
"Yo, Jonesy, check out what Darcy is doing!"
I had my head turned when the bus exploded. Robin Perry The main character in Sunrise over Fallujah
was Robin Perry, or know by his squad members,
"Birdy". Robin is a round character. He changes
through out the story by understanding how other
people live. Like in Iraq it isn't unusual for someone
to die right in front of you. In parts of the story it felt like Robin though that dying wasn't a big deal anymore. But when his friends Pendleton and Jonsey died, or Jones, he came back and realized it was a big deal. The mood I think the author was trying to get as is a helpless mood.
Here is an example: Time Period: "I think it was one of the Ba'athists, shot at it. The plane circled. The children watched. The truck started down the road carrying our sons and brothers and husbands. The plane circled and dropped one bomb or fired one missile or something, It hit the truck and there was a great explosion.
"The plane flew away. It had done its duty for the war that day. The truck was only three hundred meters down the road. We ran toward it. The children ran faster. But there was nothing lest but pieces of bodies. One little girl began to scream. The horror of it swept over them all but one little girls whose brother was in the truck. She found what was left of him and tried t opull him home. Plot: Homes: Clothing: Food: Iraq Homes: Clothing: Food: America Besides the War... They cross the line from Kuwait to Iraq, seeing people laying body bags out by the street. Pendleton, a person in Robin's squad dies, when some bombs go off, and he gets hit through one of the windows in the Humvee. Jonesy, a member in Robin's squad had died. He got killed in an explosion, trying to rescue one of the "kidnapped"children. The child was blind. After all this everybody was reassigned and Robin got a purple heart. They go to Baghdad, Iraq, then An Nasiriyah and right as they get their an air support goes off and they find an old woman, man, boy, and little girl in their house under an old sheet from the attack. Severe weather outbreak in the U.S. and there were more tornadoes than any week in U.S. history. There were 393 tornadoes reported in 19 states. In France, Lance Armnstrong wins his fifth Tour de France. In Algeria, there was an earthquake, in Bourmerdes region and 2,200 people were killed. In the UK, it was the highest temperature ever recorded at a temperature of 38.5 Celsius, or 101.3 Fahrenheit, in Brosdale. Robin's squad get's sent on a special mission to Fallujah to help find some kidnapped children. Bloody, Bad, Burning
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