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No description

Me, Myself & I

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of Conclusion

=> student council prez
=> head cheerleader
=> dating 'Justin Walker'

=> professional ballerina
Claire Mathews & Colin Walker
Remy Baker
** student council VP and yearbook editor
** only one remotely close to Carson's intelligence
** not-so-good relationship with parents
Emilio López
~~> Henry Capperwinkle from San Diego
~~> level 1 Rosetta Stone Spanish
~~> food, housing, girls
Nicholas Forbes & Scott Thomas
>> eldest son of richest family
>> treasurer and FBLA prez
>> received Escalade for 16th bday
Dwayne Michaels
not too bright
movie review section
--> extreme goth
--> parents are extremely religious
--> weather section
Vicki Jordan
=> coach of football team
=> PE and athletics teacher

=> not in high school anymore
Claire is cheating on her boyfriend with Coach Colin
>> prez of drama club
>> believes he is destined for great things
>> performing arts commissioner
Pretending to be an El Salvadoran foreign exchange student
provocative photos she sent to Carson herself
Some chats
They are gay and in love with each other
smokes weed [fake evidence]
online inappropriate photos of Vicki at 'Satanfest 2011'
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