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A road trip to eat the world

No description

Haitham El Khatib

on 17 May 2015

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Transcript of A road trip to eat the world

for a taste of home

We are all on a journey. Ours just crossed ways with a vintage airstream trailer called
. We were tempted to go on a road trip with it, but we decided to take all of Dubai on an endless expedition to celebrate the different
flavors of the world instead.
it's our mission

We are a mobile street food joint that is determined to change the way sit-down restaurants approach their customers by expanding their reach beyond their regular business.

the scene
The growing food truck movement is the talk of the town and the consumer's eating habits are rapidly changing to accommodate on-the-go high quality foods.

All other food trucks are dedicated to one concept and menu but no one has
's charm, access and services.
what's in it for you?
Exposure to consumers beyond your reach

Majority share of revenue

It's basically free advertising to your
target market
how do we do it?
through mutual benefit
We have access to Dubai's major events, concerts and private events.
You borrow
for the time of the event.
actually why not?
Let's face it; Dubai is going outdoors.

The people who frequent the events we attend are your usual customers but they just did not make it to your door step on that day.

Why not go to them instead?
You see,
is very flexible. She will open her doors for you and all you need to do is bring your flavor and excellence.
Sylvie in action
has taken good care of herself. You will need to ensure you return her as you received her.
We have a dream that one day all
's cousins will come visit her in Dubai.

Who knows? Maybe they will love it here and stay.
...the bigger picture
and any private event you organise
to work with Sylvie
contact her manager
052 881 5863
We have a purpose built kitchen: cooking, serving & refrigeration services.

We get the necessary licenses & permissions.
You bring the name, the team, the skills, the recipes and the experience.
You develop a menu suitable for
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