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Medical Biotechnology

No description

Katie Korth

on 31 January 2014

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Transcript of Medical Biotechnology

Medical Biotechnology
Background Information
What is Medical Biotechnology?
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Economic Impacts
The Medical Biotechnology field has created many jobs such as:
Chemists- create new and improved drugs for treating medical patients
Medical Scientists- conduct research to discover bacteria, viruses, and other infectious agents
Medical Laboratory Technicians- perform routine technical work in a laboratory such as preparing specimens, performing manual tests, and operating automated analyzers
Phlebotomists- collect blood samples from patients or donors through venipuncture and other techniques as ordered by a physician
Ethical Issues
Privacy & Affordability- In medical biotechnology, protecting the privacy of the patients is a growing concern, and some of the patients in this field can't even afford the treatments they are receiving.

Stem Cell Research- Scientists can now take stem cells in the early stage and make them into organs, like a new liver. But the problem? The stem cells can only be taken by destroying a human embryo. Some researchers want to use embryos from fertilization clinics, which often have many unwanted or unusable embryos.
Current Research
Muscle Stimulator
- while broken bones are healing in cast, this device will exercise the muscles around the bone to keep them strong during recovery
Nerve Regenerator
- nerve fibers can't grow along injured spinal cords, so a nanogel is injected as a liquid and instructs stem cells that would normally form scar tissue to produce cells that encourage nerve development
Speech Restorer
- a device for people that have lost the ability to speak; it uses electrodes to detect neuronal signals traveling from the brain to the vocal cords and transmits the impulses to a device that produces speech
Cultural Impacts
The advancement of Medical Biotechnology has impacted many different cultures. Catholics disagree with artificial pregnancy and other biotechnology advancements.
Environmental Impacts
Some new advances in medical biotechnology can impact the environment. Some of the new inventions can cause great harm to the environment if their gases get let out into our ecosystem.
By Camryn Harrison and Katie Korth
New Biotech Breakthroughs
Medical biotechnology is aiming to develop technology to diagnose, treat or prevent human diseases by applying basic science, medical expertise and advanced methods to living cells or part of cells.
Medical Biotechnology is the use of living cells and cell materials to research and produce pharmaceutical and diagnostic products that help treat and prevent human diseases.
What is so special about Medical Biotechnology?
The work in this field may possibly lead to cures for certain diseases, such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's syndrome.
Read this article!
Watch this video!
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