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"The Three-Century Woman" by Richard Peck

No description

Megan Ford

on 3 September 2014

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Transcript of "The Three-Century Woman" by Richard Peck

"The Three-Century Woman" by Richard Peck
Let's Think...
Five Word Prediction:

Using the following words, make a prediction about what we will discuss during today's lesson. You must write a 4-6 sentence paragraph and all five words must be included.
Table Talk
Find a partner in your group and discuss your answer. Did you have similar responses?
Channel One WebCast
"The Three-Century Woman"
by Richard Peck

Turn to pg. 11
Do the words in the title prompt ideas or stir emotions?
Key Notes

describes imaginary characters and events. Fiction has a plot, narrator, setting, and often suggests a theme.



is a central message in a literary work. Theme and subject are not the same. The theme is the author's message about a particular subject.

What was Katherine Paterson's message?

Reciprocal Teaching
Summarizer-writes a summary of the section
Connector-connects text to self, text to world, and text to text
Word Builder-identifies and defines new vocabulary
Predictor-makes an educated guess about the next section
Alzheimer's disease
What does it mean to be a three-century individual? What might they have seen?
Can we make a connection to our lives? Maleeka's life?
Culminating Activity:
One Pager

1) Write your header on the bottom right hand corner of the construction paper. (Landscape aka hot-dog) Write the title of the story and its author across the top of your paper lengthwise.
2) Fold your paper in half.

3) On the left hand side:
-Identify the characters. Write their names on the left hand side.
-Choose 5 words from the text or from your group's Word-Builder Reciprocal Teaching sheet that help identify theme. Write them anywhere on the left hand side.
-Choose 2 statements from the text that identify the plot of the selection. Write them (and the page number) on the left hand side.
-In 3-5 sentences, summarize the work as a whole. Write this summary on the bottom of the left hand side.

4) On the right hand side, illustrate the theme of the story. Identify that theme at the bottom of the right hand side.
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