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How I Met Myself Chapter 7-9

No description

-jenani -

on 2 July 2013

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Transcript of How I Met Myself Chapter 7-9

Chapter 7-Doppelganger
Chapter 8 A Holiday
Chapter 9 The Date Gets Closer Again
by-David A.Hill
Life returns to normal for John after this. Andrea and John learn that she is pregnant. However, she loses her biggest teaching job in an international bank.

Fortunately, Zsolt, the cafe owner hires Andrea to help him in the cafe.

Doppelganger is a ghostly double of a living person who comes to give messages about danger or to offer.
some advice. It can only be seen by its 'owner'.
Meanwhile, John starts to do research about life after death.

He makes an interesting discovery about doppelgangers.
One evening, at the village pub, John meets up with his old friend Paul Harris, a journalist. John shares with Paul his meeting with himself. Paul believes in John's story about the doppelgänger and shares a story about doppelgangers in one of the magazine he writes for. However, Paul cautions John because bad luck had happened to many people after an encounter with a doppelganger.
Andrea stops working at Zsolts cafe to prepare for the baby. After Kati is born, John and Andrea spend Christmas in England with John's parents.
After a lovely English Christmas, they fly back together on 29 December to spend the New Year with Andrea's parents in the Hungarian countryside. The snowy winter kept them housebound, and this sets John's mind thinking again about his doppelganger. Andrea is annoyed with this and speaks her mind.
3.00 a.m , 11 January

Hello, John Taylor here. I just woke up at 3.00 am and had another nightmare. I cant sleep. I think I am going to check last year's diary..... Unbelievable!!! The incident happened on 18 January last year and it is only 7 days to the date. I am pretty sure something is about to happen the following Sunday. That has to be the reason why the dream has recurred!
He is determined to find out what happened in Felka Utca on one January 18 in the past. On Friday, 16 January, John shares his plans with Andrea. He tells her he is scared to go alone, and he wants to know if she sees anything. Reluctantly, Andrea agrees to acompany her husband.
Saturday, 17 January
Dear diary,
Again I have been waken up by the dream. Only, this time I heard a loud explosion sound in the street just before my doppelganger comes out of the door. I am really worried in to what awaits me this Sunday....
QUIZ ( Chapter 7)
1. Who did Andrea work with before she lost her job???

2. What news did Andrea surprise John with??

3.Where did Andrea work as after she lost her job??
QUIZ Chapter 8
1. Why did Andrea stop working at the Cafe?
2. Where did John meet Paul?
3. Why did Paul warn John about the doppelgangers?
4.Why does Andrea become annoyed with John?
QUIZ Chapter 9
1. Why does John keep having the dreams?

2.Why does John share his plans with Andrea?

3.What is the difference that he had in the dream?
THE END!!!!!!! Hope You Guys Actually learnt something and didn't just sit there talking!!!

Yip Wan Ni
Adam Zafri
David Chiu
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