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Trouble in Uganda's Water

The depressing facts about the water crisis in Uganda

Leah Q

on 18 June 2013

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Transcript of Trouble in Uganda's Water

Trouble in Uganda's Waters

A presentation on the sad situation that Uganda has been forced to face...

Uganda's flag consists of a pattern of 6 stripes alternating in color from black to yellow and then to red. The black stripes on the flag represent the African people, the yellow stripes symbolize the sun and the red potrays brotherhood and fraternity. The picture in the center of the flag is Uganda's national symbol, the crane.
Uganda's Flag
13 million people living in the rural areas in Uganda do not have access to safe (drinkable) water
3 million people living in the urban areas of Uganda do not have access to safe (drinkable) water
16 million out of the 884 million people of the world who do not have access to clean water live in Uganda
86.6% of children born in Uganda don't live more than 5 years
21 million (out of 34 million) people in Uganda lack sanitation services
35% of the citizens of Uganda live in poverty
52% of Uganda's water is clean enough to be drunken by a person without getting them sick
Only 1% of the entire population of Uganda has pipes that distribute filtered water connected to their houses
The Results Are In!
How Do We Know That Uganda Has Dirty Water?
Uganda has an abundance of water but there is a scarce amount that is able to be used because the water is SO polluted
The largest target of dirty water is children. Since the children get sick from drinking the polluted water, they are unable to attend school for long periods of time. By missing school, children are missing out on a full education.
The contaminated water in Uganda puts the citizens at risk for waterborne diseases such as: Hepatitis A, Hepatitis E and Typhoid fever.
$23 can provide enough clean water to supply one person living in Uganda for a life time... What do you do with $23?

The Dirty Facts:
"Whenever I take that dirty water because we don't have a borehole, the stomach start paining me and I start to diarrhea. Whenever I start diarrhea I just go back home. I can remain at home. I cannot come to school. And I get treatment. If I get treatment then I come to school. Normally, the subject I like is science because I want to become a nurse. I want to become a nurse to save people's lives, now if I miss science I cannot perform well. Makes me to fail the exams. Because the teacher will teach when I'm not there. If exams come, I don't know their meaning. Then, I fail."

- School child from Uganda
Kids think about it... Why can't you?

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