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Prevent and British Values

No description

on 27 July 2016

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Transcript of Prevent and British Values

Prevent and British Values
Anti-Social Behavior and extremism
These are great but why do we need them?
Look at newspaper articles and news clips, where can you see anything related to british values, extremism and antisocial behavior
Whats in the media
On your table - Pick 6 of the cards which you think best represents being British.

You must be able to justify your reasons.
On you
r tables write what you think British values are or should be.
Rule of Law
Mutual Respect and Tolerance
Individual Liberty
For the value on your table come up with words you associate with when you hear it and create a poster.
PREVENT, extremism and antisocial behavior
What is Extremism
What is Antisocial behavior
In your tables create two columns, one for extremist and one for non extremist
"vocal or active opposition to fundamental British values, including democracy,
the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of different faiths and beliefs".

This is how the government define extremism, do you agree?
So what does extremism look like?
Imam Asim Hafiz, an Islamic adviser to the Ministry of Defence and the British armed forces' first Muslim chaplain

Billy Wright, Loyalist Paramilitary threathend with execution by his own organisation, he is responsible for more than 20 sectarian killings
Christopher Potter, 20 and Maria Neal, 21. Animal Rights Extremists.
Caused more than £12000 of damage in six attacks

So what are the signs?
What are the danger signs
does the person p say they will 'do what ever it takes'
are they prepared to use violence
do they express negative views towards a specific group
These are all possible signs that a group or person may be extremist
Radicalisation is the process ‘by which a person comes to support terrorism and forms of extremism leading to terrorism’
Students are often targets and are especially vulnerable to online radicalisation
Grooming techniques are used
that are similar to those used in
sexual grooming

But what about radicalisation?
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