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Your Digital Footprint

No description

Amanda Hoult

on 23 September 2014

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Transcript of Your Digital Footprint

People will remember you for the things you say and do on the internet.
Introduction : Your Digital Footprint
With the constant grow of the web and more people using it as a way to connect and even live, being visible online in a positive way has become a necessity in our lives.

Even if it doesn't mean much to you now, it could affect you later on in your life.

Your digital footprint refers to your reputation online and your visibility when anyone is doing a search on you. It is visible to anyone, anywhere; and it can go on forever.

Social networking such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Etc.
Business purposes.
If they have a question, or need help with an answer.
For information on a location, service, or product.
For information on people, such as new employees.

Why Do People Go Online?
How does your digital footprint look?
Display professional profile online.
Supports qualifications.
Displays credibility and trustworthiness.
Appropriate use of language and pictures.

Inconsistent profiles.
Gives wrong information and impressions.
Poor communication skills.
Unprofessional, fake.
Use of inappropriate language and pictures.
Good Vs. Bad
Employers can do a search on you before offering jobs or interviews.
What if a future employer decides to check your online profiles?

Where will they look?
Other social media networks.

What kind of information will they find?
Is this information positive or negative?
How will this affect their opinion of you?
Is this information outdated and/or wrong about you?

Your Digital Footprint vs. Employment
Your Digital Footprint
Amanda Hoult - September 2014
Indication of Personality
Possible supports of completed qualifications.
Good communication skills.
If you are involved in any groups.
If other people respond with good references and comments about you.
If you have received any awards.
What Do Employers Look For?
Are You Visible Online?
Do You Have A Digital Footprint?
Do you have a profile on any social media network, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google, or similar?
Have you ever been mentioned in a website, blog, or someone else's profile?
Have you ever googled yourself? Try it!
What happens online, stays online... forever.
Your online image and reputation is like driving, you must watch out for everyone around you and yourself.
Pictures can be passed onto someone you don't know. Even if you delete your copy, someone else may still have it.
Party pictures on Facebook, will
be on Facebook.
Think before you share something online - Would you want your grandmother to see this?
In 140 characters, your reputation can be destroyed.
What are your friends and family tagging you in? How will this affect you?
You cannot take something off of the internet - it's the equivalent of taking pee out of a pool.
The Web Is Forever!
Remember the video of your summer vacation on YouTube? What about your article in the paper about your school's soccer team? Or that embarrassing drunk photo from a New Year's Eve party that your friend posted on Facebook?
How concerned are you about your Digital Footprint?
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