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Robo Geeks

Be the King 2012

Amira Ahmed

on 7 October 2012

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Transcript of Robo Geeks

WAY FORWARD ! Amira Elkholy Team Members : Tools : Mechanical Design : Mechanical : Cost : No Sharp Edges Safety obotics Mechanical Design Team : Ahmed Elmor Mohamed Kamal Ahmed Elmahdy Nariman Elmahdy Shymaa Kamal Eldeen Mohamed Kamal Eldeen 3rd year -High School Control Team : 1st year - CSED 1st year - CIE 2nd year - High School 3rd year - Mechanical Department Principles of Design : Durability Simplicity Efficiency Flexibility Hummers Drill Cutter Control : Total Cost : 407.5 L.E Durable Materials Fuzes Diodes No Bare Wires Lentgh Measerment tools Laser Machine for cutting Acrylic ACRILIC "6mm" Durability Appearance Easily-Cut High Quality Blastic Buckles Keys Screws, nails & nuts Robotic Arm syringes & oil 3 smooth balls Almost No Friction Omni-directional Reduce some load from motors Design with "Catia" **Final Design** Control Circuits : Principles of Design High Efficiency Components Applying science learned Smart Logic Shortest Way Efficiency Easy to Programe Cheap Small PIC16f877A Motor Interface with "Relays & tip122s" Previous Tries with opto-couplers with IC " L298 " Switches Eagle PCB Sensor
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