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Director Analysis

No description

Lewis Adams

on 16 June 2013

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Transcript of Director Analysis

By Lewis Adams
Director Analysis
(Improved sections on visuals, music & narrative)

In this presentation I will be looking at two films that Nolan has directed. These films are ‘The Dark Knight’ 'Batman Begins' & ‘Inception’. I will be talking about the styles and themes of each film and showing where possible the similarities are.
Christopher Nolan
‘Auteur’ is the French word for author, and the birth of the auteur came about in France in the 1950s. It is a theory that suggests that certain director’s films could be easily recognisable just from the style and themes of a film.A well known examples of a director that this theory applies to is Alfred Hitchcock. In his case it is easy to identify work of his, as there are certain style and theme factors across his body of work. Examples of these are his naturalistic camera movements, his obsession with voyeurism & his use of investigation narratives.
What is Auteur Theory?
In my opinion Nolan fits the auteur theory as i think with work is easily recognisable.
The Dark Knight
In my opinion the style of the two films is very similar,
one factor I did pick up on was the...
The shots used in both films are very cinematic, 'swooping' shots of the location which is in both cases a city. Slow motion shots are also used in both to add to the overall 'epicness' and generally how good looking the shots are.
I also think the overall look of certain shots through lighting look the same.
The Dark Knight
As you can see the visual style is so similar through its use or colour temperature and style using lighting.
I feel to someone who hadn't seen these films, these images could be taken from the same film.
This to me is evidence Nolan is an Auteur.
The use of powerful music is key to setting the tone.
This style of powerful music works well with Nolan's films because they match and add to the genre of 'thriller'
The build up and release nature of the soundtracks work well with the film because the visuals work in a similar way.
Another reason Zimmer's music is used is because it has worked well with Nolan's work in the past.
Joseph Gordon Levitt
Michael Caine
Marion Cotillard
Tom Hardy
Christian Bale
Mise en scène
As the films are both set in inner city areas the mise en scène is very similar.
Use of actors
Nolan obviously likes more actors than others because of his personal opinion. So we see some actors across his work.
Examples would be;
Common themes though out Nolan's work that I have picked up on are;
We as an audience are made to ask questions, and to investigate along side the characters. Also in terms of these films we are asked further questions at the end in the form of a twist.
Characters & Storylines
Both the Dark Knight and Inception also both have Powerful, Underground organisations.
There is also a strong male protagonist that faces a problem.
The Dark Knight
Enemy/ Villains
Fast paced editing techniques
Slow motion cinematic shots
Thank you for Listening
Batman Begins
I think Nolan can be classed as an auteur though his use of colour in his films, these colours are used to reflect or symbolise the feelings or events of the situation or main character.
Use of Colour In Images
'Orange tint'
I feel this 'orange tint' is one example of why Nolan is an auteur. This orange look to the image is used in scenes of high class and shows luxury. The golden/ orange tint to the image and lighting looks warm and luxurious and gives the impression of wealth.
This scene looks this way because in this part of the film they have created a high class hotel style environment to trick a character.
Batman begins.
This scene is when Bruce Wayne Kicks his guests out of a party of his once he knows 'Ducard' and his following are there too.
The lighting is similar to other Party scene throughout Nolans work, as it reflects the upperclass nature of the party.
The Dark Knight
This screenshot is from the scene when Bruce Wayne pulls two tables together in a restaurant that turns out to be his.
Again, as you can see the lighting follows the same look as other high class occasions throughout Nolan's work.
'Blue Tint'
Throughout the three pieces of by Nolan I am looking at in this presentation a 'blue look' to images is used to reflect the same feelings from the character. 'Isolation'
Batman Begins.
This screenshot is taken from the scene when Bruce Wayne is being trained out on a frozen lake. He fights the character 'Ducard'.
In this scene I feel the blue look to the image is used to display the difference between this situation and his typical lifestyle and reflect his feelings of isolation and how unsettled he is.
The Dark Knight.
This screenshot shows Batman/ Bruce Wayne stood on the top of a building at night. This blue look reflects the situation of isolation that the character is feeling.
This screenshot shows the character 'Cobb' as he reflects on his isolation from the rest of his team. His team are unaware of a threat that he brings to the job, yet he doesn't tell them.

'Grey look'
I feel this is the style of image that is not the most obvious. I grey look is used throughout most of the film especially when outdoor or when focusing on a troubled character, I feel the grey look makes the situations more dramatic.
I also feel this grey looking image style is becoming more popular recently due to it looking more cinematic.
The Dark Knight.
This screenshot is off commissioner Gordon getting out of a car in a panic.
This character is troubled because of the chaos caused by the Joker in the film.
This is a screenshot taken from the scene when 'Cobb' is showing 'Ariadne' the dream world created by his subconscious. She watches as a street bends over toward her. The grey look reflects the drama of the situation.
Batman begins.
Again, I feel the grey look is used to reflect the drama of the situation. This screen shot is taken from the scene when Rachel talks the Bruce on the remains of his burnt down house.
The grey look reflects the troubled nature of the characters.
As you can hear the two scores are very similar, this is mainly because they are composed by the same person 'Hans Zimmer'
A popular sound used throughout the soundtracks in Nolan's films (Zimmer's Soundtracks) is a sound similar to a boats fog horn. I feel this sound is used to create the impression of danger and a fear of the unknown. It's deep sound is used to create the idea of impeding danger.
I also feel there is similarities narrative wise across these 3 films. I feel this is further evidence of Nolan being an 'Auteur'
I feel an on going trend throughout these films that the main character has
a task
obvious obstructions
. But a main
underlining issue seems to be themselves in some way
. The task is a
difficult/ complicated task with the risk of death
, plant an idea for redemption
. However there is a
possible danger that only the main character could have seen coming (A projection of his wife) (Caused by himself)
The Dark Knight.
Batman must stop the Joker and his chaos, he must also save either Harvey Dent or Rachel.
(A difficult task with the risk of death)
However, keeping his life as Bruce Wayne and Batman separate proves to be difficult. (caused by himself)
Batman Begins.
Batman begins his war on crime and corruption in Gotham.
(A difficult task with the risk of death)
However, keeping his life as Bruce Wayne and Batman proves to be difficult (caused by himself)
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