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History of Pixar Animation Studio-Final one

No description

Flutura Birinxhiku

on 20 June 2014

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Transcript of History of Pixar Animation Studio-Final one

Flutura Birinxhiku
Pixar Animation Studios- Academy Award®-winning computer animation studio
Technical, creative and production capabilities
A new generation of animated feature films
Pioneered the use of computer animation
Characters and stories delight both young and old
Originally founded in 1979 as The Graphics Group
A computer division within Lucasfilm
Early projects -Various short, cutting edge film sequences
Collaboration with the sister division- Industrial Light and Magic
George Lucas sold The Graphics Group to Steve Jobs in 1986
Renamed Pixar after its central creation, the Pixar Image Computer
Secret animation project called CAPS
John Lasseter used the system to create sample animations, such as the short film “Luxo Jr.”
Small hopping desk lamp- the company’s mascot

Steve Jobs sold Pixar’s hardware division in 1990

The first of the CGI feature films was “Toy Story”
“Toy Story” debuted in 1995
Pixar moves to a one-story office building in Point Richmond, CA, just down the street and across the railroad tracks form the Chevron refinery
The studio earned :
Twenty-six Academy Awards
Seven Golden Globe Awards
Three Grammy Awards
And a lot of other awards
Pixar continues to impress audiences

Highly emotional and spectacular creations
Mascots of Disney and its theme parks.
Pixar's first animators
Former cel animators including John Lasseter
Stop motion animation and computer animation
Fresh college graduates
The animation industry is located in Los Angeles, California,
Pixar is located 350 miles (560 km) north in the San Francisco Bay Area
Films (cont'd)
“A Bug’s Life”
“Toy Story 2.”
Developed a strained relationship with Disney
Pixar created beloved classics:
“Monsters Inc.”
“Finding Nemo”
“The Incredibles”
Pixar released “Ratatouille”
“Toy Story” trilogy
Pixar revisited “Cars” franchise Working on the project “Brave”
The follow-up to “Monsters Inc.,” “Monsters University.”
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