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Matrix hero's Journey

No description

ike lee

on 17 February 2016

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Transcript of Matrix hero's Journey

Call to Adventure
Refusal of Call
Hero's Journey
Neo from Matrix

Crossing the First Threshold
Thomas Anderson, better known as his alias Neo, is a hacker. He's been searching for another hacker Morpheus to find answers about the world. When Morpheus's co-worker Trinity tells him to follow the white rabbit, he does and is told that the world around him is fake.
When agents come after him at his work, he is instructed by Morpheus to get on the scaffolding. He is scared and he refuses, allowing himself to be taken by the agents.
Supernatural Aid
Neo is given all the martial art programs.
He learns how to fight using kung fu, karate, etc. Morpheus also gives him
instructions on how to use the fact that the world is fake to his advantage.
I chose Matrix by Wachowski brothers. There is a second and third movie of this trilogy, but I focused on the first and orinal Matrix, starring Keanu Reeves. This movie is a great example of Joseph Cambell's monomyth, because the authors of the movie wrote the story based on the monomyth. Neo is a very good example of a hero, and his journey has most of the stages of the monomyth. I chose this movie because I personally really enjoyed it and because I found that Neo is different from all other heroes.
Neo crossed the first threshold when he takes the red pill. Morpheus offers Neo a choice. If Neo takes the blue pill, he will wake up remembering nothing. If he takes the red pill, Morpheus will show him "where the rabbit hole leads"
Belly of the Whale
This is the part where Thomas Anderson is taken by the agents. He is put in a white room, where the agents offer amnesty in exchange for everything Anderson knows about Morpheus. Neo refuses, and asks for a phone call with his lawyer. Agents molds Neo's mouth together and put a metal bug in his belly.
Road of Trials
This is the part where Morpheus teaches Neo about the Matrix. They go through a lot of simulations and Neo is striving to get used to it. Morpheus explains about the agents, and he takes Neo the jump program. Neo has to "free his mind" and jump from a building to another building. He falls and wakes up, realizing that if he dies in the Matrix, he really dies.
Meeting with the Goddess
This is the part where Neo goes and meets the Oracle. Before he meets the Oracle, he meets some of her students, and a boy bends a spoon with his mind. Neo manages to do the same. Oracle isn't exactly the goddess archetype, because she doesn't possess beauty. However, she gives knowledge and wisdom to Neo that will help him with his quest.
This is the part where Cypher, who ends up betraying everyone, tries to discourage Neo. Cypher tells Neo that he's not the One and that he shouldn't have taken the red pill. He says Morpheus is lying.
Atonement with the Father
This is the part where Neo saves Morpheus. Morpheus isn't exactly Neo's father, but he's a patriarchal figure. Morpheus gets taken by the Agents because Morpheus know the code to mainframe of Zion. Neo grabs Morpheus as he's about to fall and gets away just before the Agents could stop them.
This is the part where Neo fights Agent Smith. They have a long, fierce fight, and Smith comes out on top. Smith kills Neo, but Neo comes back to life with even greater strength than before.
Ultimate Boon
Neo finally realizes that "the spoon doesn't exist. He can control the fake world around him and he learned that he is the one.
Refusal of Return
There isn't a clear refusal of return. The closest is when Neo decides to fight Smith. All movie long, Neo is instructed to run when he is faced by Agents. He refuses to run for other exit points and decides that he's going to fight this one.
Magic Flight
This is at the very ending. Neo is fully aware of the things he's able to do and he's going to show everyone that the world they live in is fake. He flies into the sky as the movie ends.
Rescue From Without
This is the part where Neo is saved by Trinity. Neo is killed by Smith, and his heart beat is slowing down. Trinity says "I was supposed to fall in love with the One" then kisses him. Neo suddenly comes back to life stronger than before.
Crossing the Return Threshold
Neo fights Smith after being resurrected. Neo moves in super speed and Smith can't land a hit. Neo morphs into Smith and shatters Smith. Other Agents run away.
Master of Two Worlds
Neo is still working his ways to becoming master of the real world, but Neo knows he's the one and he gained powers that lets him fly and fight at super speed in the Matrix.
Freedom to Live
Neo is the One and he is not afraid of the Agents anymore. Neo tells the Agents that he is going to tell everyone the truth.
Neo's journey is a very good example of a hero's journey. He goes through all the stages to become the powerful, fast and smart he was prophesied to become. It turned out that even though Neo doesn't seem like a typical comic book hero, he went through all the things other heroes did.
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